Earthship Island, Day 13

Good day and welcome to day 13 of our stay on Earthship Island. It’s not exacly like Fantasy Island, but it’s what was available.

Yesterday we decided to tackle the fixing of the screen on one of the vents over the door.

As you can see from the picture, it has suffered some damage, Probably due to the earthquake that also cracked the wall.

Here is a close-up of the screen. You can also see how much the rebar has rusted due to the salt and humidity.

Why they didn’t paint it like the outside ones, I cannot say. Though, it may be something as simple as they ran out of paint.

We decided on a simple patch, which isn’t the greatest, but it would make things better than it was. We used bailing wire to sew the patch on, which was tricky because if you pull too hard it damages the screen. We wanted to try using string, but we would need some sort of needle to thread it through the screen, which we didn’t have.

We managed to get it installed, and it’s better than it was, but far from perfect.

In other news… playing with hermit crabs.

This has become an almost daily event for us now.

We find them on the beach all over the place and you just can’t resist picking them up.

Mama Kenawa brought in a fresh batch of coconuts the other day, so we all got a coconut with a straw. It was quite tasty.

It actually rained here yesterday while we were having dinner, and it came down pretty hard. Not sure how well you can see that in the picture.

Here you can see all of the boats up on shore. These are the boats all of the locals use for fishing.

Looking to the east of us, you can see the rain in the hills on the island next to us.

Approaching from the south is more rain for us. This is good as it adds more water to the cisterns.

When it rains hard, it comes right through our back door, as it’s mostly just screen to let the breezes through. Fortunately, the floor is concrete and brick so it doesn’t affect it too much.

I have to say that the water just in front of our Earthship is fascinating. All of the other ocean water I have encountered has had some degree of surf. We have had some surf, but on many occasions, it’s almost completely flat. I find it a bit bizarre that I can skip stones on the ocean water.

I’ll add that to my growing list of new experiences.


Earthship Island, Day 11

Here we are having another warm day down here in the tropics. I think the lowest tempurature we have recorded is 24C (around 78F). The lowest humidity we have recorded is 53%. Obviously I’m from a colder climate and not used to these things, but I could comfortably run around with nothing on 24/7 here. Of course the locals and the tourists might get upset about that. Swimming and snorkling really helps to cool you off. I could happily do that every day, and most days I have.

In our various walks around the island, we have found whole coconts washed up on shore. I opened one yesterday and found it had an interesting white seed looking think floating in the coconut water.

I am no coconut expert so I can’t tell you what it was. That was also the coconut that was in the best shape out of the three now that I have pried apart. A machete or other large knife would be really handy for that.

I got up this morning and the sun was just coming up, shining on the clouds, so I took a picture.

That’s the fun thing about changing timezones across the world: you can adjust yourself to pretty much any schedule you want.

If you recall that picture of low tide I posted on the first day, well we haven’t had a tide as low as that since. The low tide this morning was low enough that the long strip of dead coral was exposed out of the water so Kat and I took that opportunity to go check it out.

This first picture is where it connects with the shoreline, just down a bit from where we are staying.

When you’re standing on it, this is what it looks like heading out to sea.

We walked out to the end and then I took this picture of the two Earthships. You might think we were out in a boat for this picture, but I assure you we were standing on solid ground.

Here is a picture I took looking back east towards the sun.

Looking back towards the direction we came, you can see Kat wandering towards me along the exposed coral.

This last picture is looking out to sea. I even captured a big ship on the horizon.

Fishing is a big thing here. There always seems to be some boats out in the water, especially at night. There are larger vessels further out that have very bright lights. We see them dotting the horizon when we go to bed.

Things here are pretty quiet right now. We really need a drill to do some of the projects so we’re idling around waiting for that. We fill our time with walks, swims, meditation and anime. It’s not a bad life.

Earthship Island, Day 9

Wow, we’ve already been here nine days. We’re a bit more used to the temperature and humidity, but that will make going back home that much more difficult.

We had our first really hard rain last night. That will help fill up the cisterns. For all that it is the rainy season, it doesn’t rain here on the island all that much. It does rain on all of the islands around us though. That’s mostly due to the fact that there are mountains on the surrouning islands that the clouds run into and dump all of their rain on. I don’t think there has been an evening yet where we haven’t seen lightning off in the distance.

In other news we received some new batteries for the second Earthship yesterday so Katrina now has power. Now all we need is a cordless drill so we can build some shelves and other furniture.

Moving along, if you look out from our front door, as the tide is going out, the waves will start to break over a shallow section a fair distance from the shoreline.

Having been out there, the shallow section is made of a big long strip of dead coral. Despite this, there is still lots of live coral to explore.

Speaking of exploring, we decided to circumnavigate the island at the shore line a few days ago. The north-west tip of the island has quite the rocky parts. These next set of pictures will appeal to the rock climbers out there.

The cliffs aren’t super tall, maybe 5m at the highest. There are a tonne of hand-holds too, though you do need to be careful what you grab as some of it is quite flaky.

No, I didn’t actually climb to the top. I don’t have proper gear or saftey equipment and breaking bones this far from home isn’t really all that appealing.

We came across a few chimney’s and gaps between the rocks as well. Here is Kat stretched out inside one.

Katrina scrambled up to sit on the rocks for some photos.

If you look closely at this next one you can see a crab sitting on the top corner of the rock. They are pretty skittery so tough to take a photo of.

We came around the far side to where the mangrove trees are.

We ventured through the trees and came out the other side. We do a lot of shell collecting, which I will probably show you pictures of in a later post.

Sometimes we find odd things washed up on shore, like this.

That is a full bulb of garlic that has been fully brined by the ocean water. Pretty bizarre.

We also came across this little guy whom Kat really needed a picture of because he was so damn cute.

This next one isn’t so cute, and you’ll want to avoid it if you can’t stand spiders.

This is an Hawaiian Garden Spider that has made its home off the overhang of our Earthship. It’s pretty big, maybe 6-7cm. It’s also harmless to humans so don’t get into a panic. It’s helping to reduce the mosquito population, so we don’t bother it.

We also have a squadron of dragonflies who like to hang out in front of the Earthship, so that helps us even more.

Anyway, I think it’s time to go snorkling again. Until next time, stay warm. I know I will.

Earthship Island, Day 7

So we discovered that if we go outside to use the internet, the connection improves drastically. For some reason, the Earthship blocks most of the signal so I’m doing this post a fair distance away from the building.

Today I thought I would share some of our snorkling adventures. We’ve been out quite a few times and there is so much to see. I’ll probably keep the commenting to a minimum and just let you enjoy the pictures.

Here is a picture of Kat and I. I got a sun burn on my legs that day cause I only wore shorts. Thank goodness for aloe.

Kat in full wet suit.

Me wearing my wet suit pants this time.

We found these bell shaped structures made of concrete. We don’t know what they were for, but we found several of them.

Katrina, our fellow Earthshipper, is the one with the fancy under water camera. It takes video too, but we don’t have enough bandwith to upload those. You’ll just have to wait until we get home for those.

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