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Getting back outside

It’s the start of May now and things have warmed up considerably since my last post. April was all over the place in terms of the weather. The last you heard from us we had just had a big snow storm. I took those pictures on a Friday morning as we were clearing the fallen trees from our driveway.

The next day we woke up to full sunshine and it was quite warm. Everything started to melt. This is what it looked like in the morning.

By 16:00 that day, there wasn’t a tree left that had any snow on it. Sunday was nice a sunny too and by the end of that day, the driveway was clear of snow, though still mushy. The following day, on Monday, we hit 24C (75F) and it was really humid. We had a huge thunderstorm in the afternoon too, with some really loud thunder and close lightning strikes. So in the space of five days, we went from heavy snow fall to serious thunderstorm.

With all of that snow and rain, things have not been dry around here. In fact, all sources of water in the area have exceeded their banks and there is a lot of flooding. Fortunately, most of it is flooding the forest. There are a few cases of people who are near the York river who are having difficulties.

This reminds us of spring 2014 when we first came to look at the property. The other pond we have at the top of the hill was over flowing. Don’t remember the picture? Well, here is what it looked like back then.

As a way of comparison, here is what it looked like on April 26th.

That’s really close to the 2014 level. I should add that we just had a huge rain storm that lasted two days straight. We haven’t been back up to the top of the hill, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the upper pond has now exceeded the 2014 level. I say this because, despite having a drain pipe under the driveway for the pond we have beside it, we had enough rain to wash out part of our driveway.

The drain pipe couldn’t keep up fast enough and the water just rushed over the driveway. I’m sure there will be another load of gravel in our near future.

Going back a bit to April 18th, it had dropped below freezing the previous night and the pond beside the driveway had a thin layer of ice on it. It looked pretty spectacular so, of course, we had to take some pictures.

Needless to say, we have had some really nice weather, and some really wet weather in April. We have been trying to get out as much as we can to work on important projects outside before the bugs arrive. The project with the highest priority right now is firewood processing for next winter.

Last week we had a good run of clear weather so we were able to get out many days in a row. Unfortunately, a bunch of our time was spent clearing fallen saplings from the roadway up to the top of the hill. We did get some trees cut for firewood though.

We started off with that small pile. Anything big I buck up on site and the smaller branches we just haul back and use the saw buck I made last year to make it easier to cut. It sure saves the back using the saw buck.

Another day, and more wood. I split some of it by hand. The cherry is pretty easy, but I leave most of the elm as it is painful to split by hand. All of it is dead already, which makes splitting it much easier than if we were trying to split live wood by hand.

We cleared out the middle section of our wood storage at the back of the trailer and this is where we are piling the newly harvested wood.

It’s not a lot yet, but it’s better than nothing. We’re hoping that things will dry up this week so we can get back out and do some more.

When we aren’t processing firewood or working on other projects, Kat and I like to take walks down our road. Kat uses this opportunity to pick up all of the dang garbage that people throw out their vehicle windows. We live on a very quiet road, but that doesn’t seem to stop people from polluting it. We’ve gathered several large garbage bags worth of things people have tossed away, most of it is beer cans.

There are some nice things to see while we’re out walking too. Like some pussy willows we found growing beside the road.

You have to take advantage of pussy willows pretty quickly as they turn into fuzzy tree buds soon after they appear. Yes the buds are all out on the trees now and some are even starting to sprout a few tiny leaves.

Soon everything will be exploding with colours. The leaves will be out in full force and the flowers will be in bloom. Heck, even Kat is looking really awesome in her spring colours.

She doesn’t tweet as nicely as some of the birds we have hanging around our place, but she sure is nice to look at.

It’s always good to end with a smile ๐Ÿ˜€

Another Autumn Update 2016

Ahh, it just seems like last week we were wandering around in our t-shirts, enjoying the autumn sunshine. In fact, we were. Here are some late autumn pictures from last Wednesday, October 19th.


After Thanksgiving, things rapidly progressed on the tree colour front. Most of the reds dropped and you get to the vibrant yellow and oranges.










Unfortunately, that didn’t last very long, as we had some chilly weather and all of the vibrant colours disappeared and you’re left with the rusty oranges and dark reds. In addition to this, we had some really strong winds which basically stripped any leaves still on the trees. There are still a few leaves up, but very few.

It’s kind of a good thing that all of the leaves have dropped because just yesterday, this happened.


It started at mid-morning and just kept going.


And going…


… and yet more. This is what we woke up to this morning.


And then the sun came out ๐Ÿ˜€


Very picturesque. It’s a bit early for our first snow, but not unheard of. It also won’t be staying long as it is supposed to warm up today (Friday) and rain overnight. Which is good because we still need to put up the shield in front of the trailer, plus a few other small tasks outside that need to be completed before full winter arrives.

If you think this is bad, don’t. It’s very serene actually and the snow makes everything so quiet. All you can hear are the fluttering of little birdie wings as the chickadees raid our bird feeder. Here they are now, sitting on the snow.


I took a few pictures of some evergreens as well.



We enjoy the snow while it is here. It is sure to return in the not to distant future. In the meantime, we enjoy our nicely insulated trailer with a cozy fire in the wood stove.

Autumn 2016 Colour Extravaganza!

Yes, it is that time of year: Autumn. This is a great time of year. It’s still warm enough you don’t need heavy coats and boots. On sunny days you can go outside in just a t-shirt and you won’t get eaten by bugs.

Oh yeah, and the colours. This is the time of year when the trees turn all sorts of lovely shades of red orange and yellow and various mixes there between. I’ve been taking some pictures so I can share this experience with you. Be fore warned, there are a lot of pictures.

First, let’s start with a little progression.

See this tree in the middle? Keep your eyes on it. This picture was taken Sep 20th, 2016.


Next is on Sep 30th, 2016.


This one on Oct 2nd, 2016.


Finally, this one is from today, Oct 4th, 2016.


Here is a wider shot so you can put it into perspective. The tree in question is above and to the right of the solar panels.


The next set of pictures are random wanderings around the property. I’m not going to comment on them all, so just enjoy.

















The next bunch are some close-ups I took.







Found this little guy growing on a stump and I couldn’t not take a picture of it.


These last few pictures are either from our road, or fairly close by.







As you can see, not all of the trees have changed yet. If you wait until all of the trees have changed colour, you will miss out on some of the early colours. Very rare indeed is the year when the vast majority of trees all change at the same time. You need to take advantage of the scenery while it is here.

Autumn 2015 is here

As of September 23rd, Autumn has officially arrived. No two autumns are exactly the same. Last year we had a steady changing of the colours which peaked around the third week of September and then the leaves started falling. This year, it was really warm for most of September and the trees didn’t start changing until much later, but they did it much quicker. We went from really warm to pretty chilly pretty quickly.

For your viewing pleasure we took some pictures of the fall colours, though I don’t think they are as vibrant as they were last year. Some trees skipped the whole changing colours and just dropped their leaves. Two weekends ago was Thanksgiving here in the Great White North and we still had a fair amount of colour then. Now, as I am writing this on October the 20th, you’d be hard pressed to find a tree that still has leaves on it, at least up where we live anyway.

Anyway, on with the show, as it were.








Some of those were taken on our land, or close by. A couple of them we snagged while on the road back from visiting family down in Ottawa during Thanksgiving.

Now, if you’re an arachnophobe, or just generally don’t like spiders and other crawly things you’ll probably want to stop here.

When we returned from Colorado we opened up our truck shelter (the big white tent which is supposed to be where we park the truck, but we’re using it for building material storage) to find we had a new resident who had moved in while we were away.

Are you ready?


Yup, she’s pretty sizable, probably about the same size as a daddy long-legs. This is a black and yellow garden spider. We have had some nights that have dipped well below freezing and she is still sitting on her web. The truck shelter offers her both a comfy spot to live and a great spot for her to reduce the fly population as they like to find their way in there as well.

We’ve just let her do her own thing. Not every spider gets this privilege, especially if we found it in side the trailer, but we felt she was well positioned out of our way for the most part. Plus she gives us something fun to show everyone ๐Ÿ™‚