So, you may be asking yourself, “what is an Earthship?” That is a very common question. An Earthship is a radically sustainable type of building designed around six basic principles:

  1. Building with Natural & Recycled Materials
  2. Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling
  3. Solar & Wind Electricity
  4. Water Harvesting
  5. Contained Sewage Treatment
  6. Food Production

I got this list over at the main Earthship Biotecture Website. It is probably the best place to start in terms of learning about what an Earthship is. There are also many videos on youtube about Earthship construction and design.

You might also check out Off The Grid Build, a blog by Dan Richfield about his adventures building his own Earthship. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be updating his blog any more, but the videos are still quite good. You can check out his youtube channel ‘offthegridbuild’ for all of his videos as well.

I have added a section called “What is an Earthship” to go over the details of the six principles of an Earthship. You can access that from the main menu at the top, on the right.

I started this blog so I can keep track of all of our adventures on our way to building our own Earthship. My personal experience with Earthships started quite a bit before I started this blog, but I thought a good place to start blogging would be my adventures down in New Mexico back in March 2014 where I participated in the Earthship Academy. After that, we find land, get some plans and permits and start building. Sounds easy, right? Time will tell the ups and downs we will run into. This blog is here to document them 🙂


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