Tour: Euro

This is the first of my tours category. I will be posting all of the photos of the various Earthships I have toured while in Taos. This first one was called the Euro. This was an early Global model Earthship. Earthship designs have changed over the years and the Global model is their current, most up-to-date model that fits in markets for the G8 series of countries. Basically, the Global model has all of the bells and whistles that your typical North American might think of when owning a house.

Here is a picture of the exterior.


Lots of glass along the front to catch the sun. Solar panels above the windows, as well as solar hot water heaters. The smaller, inset windows can be opened. You need those for fire code compliance. It’s all about the egress.

From there we move inside. This isn’t the best picture, as I was trying to get a hallway shot of the green house, but you’ll have to settle for some greenery and part of someone’s back 😛


Then we have the bedroom. This was a one bedroom model, so this is the only one. This Earthship is also available to be rented or purchased, so it doesn’t have any personal decorations in it.


Next we move to the bathroom. I have two shots of that: one shows the funky custom shower/tub and the other shows the sink and vanity details.



Here we come to the kitchen and dining area. Some nice, but simple cupboards, but there isn’t enough counter space for my taste. The refrigerator is shown at the far right of the picture, with wood paneling. It’s a Sunfrost DC fridge. Very efficient and very expensive 😉


If you look in the previous picture on the left side, you’ll see part of the door. Well, if you walk further into the room and turn around and look back at the door, you’ll see this:


The lighting may seem dark, but it really shows the bottle work well. Plus you can see out to the hallway/greenhouse and out the front windows too.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the living room of this one. This was the first Earthship we toured and the living room was full of people so I couldn’t get a clear shot. Fear not, however. There will be more Global model Earthship photos coming up in the rest of the tours.


2 thoughts on “Tour: Euro”

    1. You can’t see most of the floors in the pictures from this tour, but the one in the kitchen is concrete. They’ve coloured it, most likely, using acid etching, though we were told about another trick that is less toxic that can be used to colour a concrete floor.

      I don’t remember about the rest of the house, but I think the green house was flagstone.

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