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Earthship Island, Day 21

Two days ago we came upon this guy. He was much larger than most of the other hermit crabs we have come across.

He looked quite oversized for his shell so we tried offering him a bigger one.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t going for it. I don’t think he liked being handled so much and just wanted to get away. We left him be, but he still didn’t take either of the shell options we offered.

The mornings here are usually pretty nice. The wind is calm and the tide is out. Sometimes the sun shows up too.

Yesterday afternoon the clouds rolled in and we were pretty sure it was going to rain on us. Here is what it looked like looking out from the Earthship.

It wasn’t long after I took those photos that the sky opened up and the rain came down.

It was fascinating to watch as the rain smooths out all of the waves coming to shore.

This rain was driven by strong winds from the south, so the back of the Earthship fills with water.

I had put a towel over the door to try to reduce the wind and rain coming in. It did cut down on the wind, but didn’t do much for stopping the rain.

Out front, we saw this guy out in his boat in the rain storm.

He didn’t seem overly concerned. He did pull into shore in front of the Earthship to bail out his boat and the headed back out, sticking to the shoreline.

I was watching all of this and thought to myself, “how many opportunities will you have in your life to go out and experience a tropical rain storm?” So I ran out into the rain and had a good frolicking.

I have to say that compared to the rain water, the ocean water felt like bathtub warm. I yelled out to Kat, who took the picture, “This is the coldest I’ve been since we arrived!” The rain was chilly, but not unbearable.

I can mark that down on my list of exciting life experiences.


Earthship Island, Day 19

Yes, we’re getting close to the end of our Indonesian portion of the trip. Katrina is heading out on the 27th and we are leaving the island on the 29th. We decided to leave a day early and spend an evening at a place near the mountains before our flight. Katrina stayed there before joining us at the island so we have a good idea of what to expect.

I must say that after eating nothing but rice, fish, and cooked vegetables since we arrived I am quite ready for something else. Actually, some ice cream would be really awesome, but that’s not going to happen while on Kenawa.

Sometimes the ocean water is really calm. Here is a picture if you don’t believe me.

I mentionedin a previous post about skipping rocks on the ocean and I wasn’t kidding. The weather here is very north/southish instead of the normal east/westish. As a result one side of the island is usually calmer than the other side.

When the wind picks up, it starts to look like this.

It gets pretty wavy, especially over the dead coral section we walked on a few posts back. Waves break when the height of the wave is half the depth of the water, so it hits the shallow part, breaks, and then has to work itself up again before reaching shore.

Right along the beach there a lot of these vines with pink flowers.

The flowers all close up at night, or if it gets dark from a storm. There aren’t many types of flowers on the island, but these are the most common ones.

On yet another jaunt around the island we came across this little guy. I say little, but his shell was probably the size of a lemon.

This is actually a konch and not a hermit crab that has taken over an empty shell.

With the wind giving us a stiff breeze, walking around the north west tip of the island where it gets rocky, you can get some good splash action.

Nothing like watching the waves splash up on the rocks, bathing all of the crabs.

We’re counting down the days and we don’t even have a drill yet. As far as further building projects go, that may fall to the next group taking over after us.

Earthship Island, Day 7

So we discovered that if we go outside to use the internet, the connection improves drastically. For some reason, the Earthship blocks most of the signal so I’m doing this post a fair distance away from the building.

Today I thought I would share some of our snorkling adventures. We’ve been out quite a few times and there is so much to see. I’ll probably keep the commenting to a minimum and just let you enjoy the pictures.

Here is a picture of Kat and I. I got a sun burn on my legs that day cause I only wore shorts. Thank goodness for aloe.

Kat in full wet suit.

Me wearing my wet suit pants this time.

We found these bell shaped structures made of concrete. We don’t know what they were for, but we found several of them.

Katrina, our fellow Earthshipper, is the one with the fancy under water camera. It takes video too, but we don’t have enough bandwith to upload those. You’ll just have to wait until we get home for those.

Earthship Island, Day 5

Here we are at day five already. I thought I would start out this post by introducing some of the locals. Here is a picture of “Mama Kenawa”, along with Katrina (our fellow Earthshipper) and Kat. Mama Kenawa’s is where we go to eat everyday, twice a day. She and her family live on the island and sell snacks and drinks to the tourists.

The cost of the food is really cheap and it means we don’t have to worry about buying groceries and preparing meals ourselves. This is good because there aren’t any kitchen facilities in the Earthships. Breakfast and dinner, for three people, all together runs about $20CAN. We have rice at every meal, and a lot of local fish too.

Next we have Suji. He is our main guy to go to if we need help with getting things for the Earthship. He is the one who contacted Earthship Biotecture and got them to come build the Earhthships.

Without posting everyday, the pictures are piling up. We may need to do a few post trip posts to get everything covered.

We’ve been getting up around sunrise most days, which is just about 6am local time. We recently decided to do the hike up the hill that seems to attract so many tourists.

Most of Kenawa island is covered by this sparse grass.

There are quite a few paths around the island, but there is one main one that heads straight from the dock to the hill at the north-west point. Here you can see Kat heading for the hill.

This was just as the sun was rising, so after we had trekked up the hill partway, I turned around and snapped a picture of the rising sun.

A little further up we found another resident. This little girl was very affectionate and is the third cat we have encountered. The other two live over at Mama Kenawa’s.

Turning to the south a bit you can see the harbour at Poto Tano where our ferry arrived when we got here. I took this picture to capture the cloudy comb-over coming over the mountains behind the harbour.

Once you reach the top of the hill, and the island for that matter, if you look down you can see a lot of black lava rock. If you get even closer you can watch all of the crabs galavanting across those rocks. We didn’t get close enough for a picture of that though.

Took another picture of the rising sun on our way back.

On the opposite side of the island from where the Earhtships are, over the hill, there are some mangrove trees.

It’s just starting to show in this next picture, but up near the area where the waves are breaking is a huge wall of dead coral. When the tide goes out, it becomes a barrier between the ocean and the trees.

After heading back down, we were sitting on the shore and we kept seeing the large schools of fish all jumping out of the water at the same time. The fish were all really tiny though so it was a very fascinating thing to see. Interestingly enough, I did manage to snap a picture, but I don’t think you can really tell that the white speckles in the middle are fish.

We had our breakfast and then decided to have some fun in the water. We headed down to the dock and took some pictures of the ocean life there.

More fish, more coral, we saw a few jellyfish but we don’t know what kind they were, spiny sea urchins and everything in bewtween.

I asked Suji if there are any sharks and he said none near the island. There are some further out, but they are all small, like the size of a cat or small dog.

None of these pictures were taken underwater, but Katrina did bring a camera that can do that so we will have some underwater shots to show at some point. We do go snorkling pretty much every day.

All of that was yesterday, or earlier. Today, Katrina and I finished building a bed frame for Earthship2.

It’s certainly not my best work, but seeing as we used a rusted hand saw to cut half the pieces and had to use rusty nails to put it together, I think we did okay. We did eventually get the generator working so we could use the skill saw. We really need a cordless drill though. We don’t even have a good screwdriver. We found one Phillips and one standard slot screwdriver.

The wood we have available is really hard too, so you would need to predrill any holes before putting a screw in. We bent several large nails trying to pound them into the wood.

Alas, that is all for today. It’s time to go for a swim.