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Happy Birthday to me 2016

Today is my birthday. I suppose you’re wondering if I received anything interesting as a gift? I did.



It’s not every year that I get snow on my birthday, but it is pretty frequent. Sometimes it’s the first snow of the year. Sometimes it’s the first snow that stays.

In any event, we are now well into winter mode here. The guy we hired to plow our driveway came by this morning (after I took this picture).


Doesn’t snow on spruce trees look lovely?


It would probably look even better in sunlight, but we don’t have much of that right now.


It hasn’t stopped the chickadees either. I don’t think there is much that does stop them.


It can be the coldest day you’ve ever encountered and as long as there is seed to be had, the chickadees are still zooming in and pecking away at it. Oh, hey, I guess we can hang out the suet for the wood peckers now, as it’s not likely for the bears to be out too much at this point.

Good idea. I think I’ll go do that.

Later I’ll go drown myself with cake.