Academy, Day 2

Today was mega busy. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures so you may be disappointed.

First off today, we had our Earthship history lesson with none other than Michael Reynolds. This is the guy who started the whole Earthship thing. He went through the early years and how all of the designs have changed quite a bit over time. There was a fun new term we learned during this though: The bummer is out there πŸ˜›

After that we had job site and tools safety training. The weather here is pretty harsh and it was pretty windy today, kicking up a tonne of dust. They went over all the things we would need to handle the weather and keep ourselves from killing each other accidentally.

After that we had lunch and then we were put to work. We were split into five groups. The first four were all pounding tires. My group was sorting, transporting and resorting tires to the job site. It all went really well and we got a lot done, more so than what the organizers had originally anticipated. We are basically at the very first stages of a new build (hopefully I’ll remember to take some pictures tomorrow). There is a good chance that we may get much further along in the build than what they had planned for, which is cool because we’ll get a lot of hands on experience with all of the systems. Not that we wouldn’t have gotten that anyway, but this will be on a brand new build as opposed to some of the retro fitting that we’re being lined up for.

Tomorrow, for my group, we’re gonna be part of the tire pounding crew.

Forward we go.

Academy, Day 1

Today was just a tad overwhelming. We made it to the site on time and took the orientation tour. We saw a lot of earthship stuff in just a few hours. No big details as the classes don’t start until tomorrow, but a lot of new and old stuff. I even have some pictures.


This first picture is one we didn’t go inside of, but it is what you see most typically when you do earthship searches on the net.


This one, on the other hand, is completely new. They call it The Towers. As you can see, this is one of the first fully two storied earthship buildings. It’s was pretty nice in side too.


It was designed to be a two apartment kind of structure. The above picture is of one of the kitchen units.


This picture is of the interior of one of the showers. It’s difficult to grasp it completely without being able to look around, but I can tell you that it was quite snazzy.

Tomorrow, work starts in earnest. We’ll be working pretty steady from 9 to 17h, six days a week, with extra opportunities to volunteer for extra work on Sundays.

Go, go, go.

Academy Day: 0

Today was the travel day from Albuquerque to Taos. It started off, however with a nice buffet breakfast at the hotel.

After that, I just had to wait around for the shuttle to come pick me up. They were a bit delayed as there was another person they were picking up who’s flight had been delayed. But everything worked out and we journeyed on. I’ve included a picture of the hills as we were getting out of Albuquerque.

We picked up another passenger in Santa Fe and then myself and one of the other passengers needed to swap vehicles in Espanola. It was a bit of a juggle, but it went pretty smoothly.

It was cool out, not cold, just cool. I was pretty warm with my jacket and sweater on yesterday so I decided to forgo the sweater today, which was a good idea. I think it was 68F (~19C) when we arrived in Taos, with a slight breeze. The only snow I could see were at the top of some mountains.

I checked into the B&B I was staying at. They have their own resident peacock, who apparently is going into mating season so he can be a bit *extra* friendly, if you get to close. I managed to avoid any awkward situations.

Then it was time to tackle my phone issues. See, I removed my SIM card and put it in Kat’s (my wife) phone so she would retain the service while I’m away. But that leaves me with no phone while I’m away.

So the plan was to get a local SIM for down here and then just get a prepaid plan for the month. Well, it’s Sunday and we’re in a small town. The wife of the couple who own and run the B&B where I’m staying was gracious enough to take me down to Wal-mart to see if we could get a SIM. Alas, Wal-mart does not carry such a thing, they only have various plan options.

It turns out there was a Verizon store in town, and it was open on Sundays. Unfortunately, it closed at 3pm and we only got there at ten after four. So, I’m still without phone service. Which made contacting my fellow academy members a bit difficult.

I started with an email, as the B&B has free wifi and I knew my contact had a smart phone. I waited a while for a reply and then I had a funky idea. My laptop has quite the number of bells and whistles, including a built-in web cam and I wondered if it had a built-in mic. Well, in fact it does, but it’s not labeled very well, which is why I missed it before.

Armed with this new knowledge, I booted up my trusty internet calling app and called Steve (my contact). The call wasn’t the best quality (I was sitting outside) but we made it work. Plans were arranged for a pickup and dinner.

At 19:30 we all got ferried over to a local place called the Adobe Bar. It had some live entertainment and I got to meet six of my fellow academy attendees. Guess what we talked about? You got it! Earthships πŸ˜›

I had this really funky rabbit and rattlesnake sausage dinner, with cabbage, potatoes and greens. It tasted pretty awesome too. I took a picture of it, but unfortunately, it came out all blurry so there is no point in posting it.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow is our first day: orientation. Woohoo!!

Academy Day: -1

Well, here I am in a hotel in Albuquerque. It’s late, though my plane did arrive on time. My luggage was literally the last one off.

The flights were pretty uneventful. No major hiccups or delays. There was an interesting thing that happened while we were coming into land in Washington, DC. As I looked out the window as we were coming towards the landing strip, there was another plane basically mirroring us. It was landing at the exact same time we were and both planes seemed to land almost simultaneously. It wasn’t really an out of body experience, but it was kinda weird watching another plane land on another parallel landing strip at the exact same time as you are doing that very thing.

I waited a bit and then jumped onto another plane that brought me to Albuquerque, NM. The flight was about three hours long or so, but I was sitting next to a guy and we chatted the whole way there. He is a student at college in West Virgina, taking biology with the intent of moving forward to work in the medical field. I mentioned I was in NM to learn about Earthships and, of course, that opens up a big can of beans as you explain what that is and how it works. We talked about all sorts of things. It was a great time. Thank you Dave Taylor for a fun plane ride πŸ™‚

Tomorrow, I’ll be catching the shuttle out to Taos and I’ll get to meet some of the others who will be joining me on the Earthship Academy crew.

The adventure has begun πŸ˜€

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