Maynooth Wildlife

So occasionally we manage to take pictures of things that are alive that aren’t plants. The following is a small collection of critters that we have come upon this year, so far. I will warn you right now, if you don’t like things that have more than four legs you might want to bypass this post.

Let’s start with the ant colony I discovered while sorting through my wood pile. They had carved up several pieces of lumber to create themselves a cozy little home. It also created a rather fascinating set of fins in the wood.

Perhaps some artistic wood person can find a use for something like that.

Remember that post about us having a new door installed on the trailer? Well while we were working on that this guy came to visit.

It kinda looks like a giant house fly, but actually it’s a cicada. It would fly around us any time we used a power tool, like the skill saw or drill. I’m guessing it was attracted to the noise and vibration, thinking we were a mate. I’m not sure I have seen one that close up before so this was a rather unique experience. We didn’t have much cicada noise this summer, what with it being so cool.

Next up, we have Mr. Dragonfly. This particular one was sunning himself on a fir tree. His wing span probably would exceed that of a hummingbird. We love these guys as they really help to keep down the biting insect populations during the summer.

Following that, we have Rita. She’s a big ass spider. If you know how big a dock spider gets, she’s about the same size.

And then there is Ben. He’s the same type of spider as Rita. They share the space inside where we keep the batteries for the solar panels.

I don’t know what kind of spiders they are, but I can say we have quite a few of them. Usually we find them in or near wood, especially in the fire wood pile. If you think the pictures of them are creepy, try doing an image search on the internet for “large brown spider”. That will make these guys look benign. The closest I found was a dark fishing spider, but these guys are no where near water so that isn’t right.

If you’re tired of bugs, we can move on to other things.

This, for instance, is a blue spotted salamander.

That’s Kat’s palm he’s resting on. You usually find them in warm wet places, like under a pile of decomposing straw bales, or perhaps your compost pile.

To top it all off, today as I was heading into town, I hadn’t gone half a kilometer before I came upon this girl.

She was just lazily wandering down the middle of our road. I stopped quite a ways back to take her picture and it took her a few seconds to realize I was there. After we stared at each other for a few more seconds, she turned and trotted down the road, after having moved to the right side. I was wondering if she had moved over to let me pass.

I followed her at a fair distance for a bit and then I just stopped and let her do her thing. She continued down the road and then scooted into the forest.

If you’re not from around here and you have no idea what that is, it is a female moose.

That’s all the time we have for wild life today. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Maynooth Wildlife”

  1. Nice Moose pic! You remind me that I may have to do something about the wee scurrying sound I could hear over my head last night.

    1. Interesting you mention that. I was just at the spice store today and they warned me that they were all out of whole cloves as people were buying them to keep rodents out of trailers and other things that were being closed for the winter. If you don’t like cloves, peppermint oil works too.

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