Voyages on this Earth

Our common frontier
These are the voyages of the Earthship Walden
Our five year mission
To explore strange building concepts
To seek out new life in dead architecture
To boldly build what Mike Reynolds has built before

Captain’s Log, Earth date: Two zero one six point one one point zero five. With the cold weather increasing, we constantly worry about attack. We have many projects to help us with this, but progress seems to have slowed down.

Kat-Hura: “Captain long range forecasts indicate White Klingons are closing in.”
Captain: “White Klingons? I hope we’re prepared for that. Captain to Engineering.”
Scotty: “Scott here Cap’n.”
Captain: “Scotty, how is that new shield coming.”
Scotty: “Already installed, Captain.”


Captain: “Will that hold off the White Klingons, Scotty?”
Scotty: “Aye, Cap’n. We tested it last year and she worked a beauty.”
Captain: “How about the energy storage compartment? Did we get that closed up?”
Scotty: “Prrrrr, prrrrr…. GET OFF THE BLOODY COMMUNICAT… @#($&^#*#!!!…”
Captain: “Scotty? Everything okay down there?”
Scotty: “Aye, the dang cat walked across the console again.”
Captain: “Well, try to keep the hair balls down there to a minimum.”
Scotty: “Aye…”
Captain: “About the energy storage compartment…?”
Scotty: “Oh that sir! That’s also finished.”
Captain: “The energy modules are secured?”
Scotty: “Aye, snug in their own little box.”



Captain: “Did we managed to seal it off.”
Scotty: “Aye, did that too. Even put on an access hatch so we can get in easily for doin’ maintenance.”



Captain: “Good work, Scotty. That should work quite nicely.”
Scotty: “Thank ya, Cap’n.”
Captain: “Captain out.”

Captain: “Well, it seems we’re quite well prepared for those White Klingons. Nothing to worry about, Kat-Hura.”
Kat-Hura: “Yes, Captain.”
Captain: “Now, if only we could get to putting the bulkhead panels back on the walls in my sleeping quarters.”
Kat-Hura: “That work is still underway, but some progress has been made, Captain.”
Captain: “Really?”
Kat-Hura: “Yes, Captain.” (Brings up the view of the Captain’s quarters on the main screen) “As you can see, we have started with the section around the new porthole that was added.”


Captain: “Well, that’s looking much better.”
Kat-Hura: “That’s not all, Captain. We have even put on several coats of paint.”




Captain: “Wow, you guys have been busy.”
Kat-Hura: “Also, some of the detailing around the porthole has been completed as well.”


Captain: “I’m liking the pine, it adds a nice touch.”
Kat-Hura: “Agreed, Captain. It will go well with the deep green colour.”
Captain: “Any other surprises, Kathura.”
Kat-Hura: “Just one, Sir.”
Captain: “Well, spit it out.”
Kat-Hura: “We also insulated and put a finished panel over the step up to your sleep quarters, Sir.”


Captain: “Hey, that’s looking snazzy.”
Kat-Hura: “We also stained it for you sir, so it will match some of the other decor.”


Captain: “Well, I’ll be worn out dylithium crystal. Things are progressing quite nicely around this shuttle craft. Is there any word from Earthfleet about getting started on the Earthship?”
Kat-Hura: “Unfortunately, Sir, they want us to have some engineers look over and approve the plans.”
Captain: “Dang them and their bureaucracy. Hopefully we can deal with that this winter so we can stay on schedule to begin next spring.”
Kat-Hura: “Yes, Captain. That would be ideal.”
Captain: “I guess we’ll just have to deal with it and keep on going.”
Kat-Hura: “So it seems, Captain. So it seems.”


2 thoughts on “Voyages on this Earth”

  1. Hey guys it looks like you are doing fantastic, glad to see that you will be warm and snug this winter.

    I’m frankly not surprised that the building department needs to have an engineering review.

    Good luck!

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