Another Autumn Update 2016

Ahh, it just seems like last week we were wandering around in our t-shirts, enjoying the autumn sunshine. In fact, we were. Here are some late autumn pictures from last Wednesday, October 19th.


After Thanksgiving, things rapidly progressed on the tree colour front. Most of the reds dropped and you get to the vibrant yellow and oranges.










Unfortunately, that didn’t last very long, as we had some chilly weather and all of the vibrant colours disappeared and you’re left with the rusty oranges and dark reds. In addition to this, we had some really strong winds which basically stripped any leaves still on the trees. There are still a few leaves up, but very few.

It’s kind of a good thing that all of the leaves have dropped because just yesterday, this happened.


It started at mid-morning and just kept going.


And going…


… and yet more. This is what we woke up to this morning.


And then the sun came out 😀


Very picturesque. It’s a bit early for our first snow, but not unheard of. It also won’t be staying long as it is supposed to warm up today (Friday) and rain overnight. Which is good because we still need to put up the shield in front of the trailer, plus a few other small tasks outside that need to be completed before full winter arrives.

If you think this is bad, don’t. It’s very serene actually and the snow makes everything so quiet. All you can hear are the fluttering of little birdie wings as the chickadees raid our bird feeder. Here they are now, sitting on the snow.


I took a few pictures of some evergreens as well.



We enjoy the snow while it is here. It is sure to return in the not to distant future. In the meantime, we enjoy our nicely insulated trailer with a cozy fire in the wood stove.


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