Trailer Update, October 2016

Things certainly don’t stand still around here which is good because time just won’t stop or even slow down no matter how much you want it too. Here is a list of things we have accomplished over the last few weeks.

As you may know, we had the other end of the trailer insulated with spray foam and we are in the process of rebuilding the interior. It’s not going super quick, but we are getting things done. Weather, budget and holidays (it was Thanksgiving two weekends ago) have a restraining effect on our projects. However, we have managed to accomplish some things.

We did managed to finish the ceiling. We bought ourselves some pine tongue & groove and used that for the ceiling instead of the paneling we used last time. It wasn’t the best quality stuff. Many of the tongues and/or grooves had issues, but with the judicial use of a rubber mallet, we managed to get it to look pretty nice.

Here is the start.


We started on the side that had a lot of fiddly bits to deal with, like wires and ceiling vents, so those first few rows took quite a while. We worked through it and finally got passed those parts.


Kat and I had a pretty good system going. I would do the cutting outside on the miter saw and she would put them into place with the brad nailer. If the piece was extra long, we would usually work together, I holding it up while Kat tapped it into place with the rubber mallet.

Here is the completely finished ceiling, including the extra paneling bits.


As a side note, we were also able to run all of our power tools from the solar system. At first we just used the miter saw and skill saw off the solar, but with the compressor always putting the generator into overload, I put it on the solar system as well and it didn’t even flinch. Our inverter is rated at 4400 Watts, so a momentary draw of 1500 when the compressor starts up is nothing. The inverter can also handle a spike of 8500 Watts for up to 5 seconds so not really anything to worry about there. Because we were doing this on a sunny day, by the end of it, I checked the batteries and they were at 99%. It’s always good to use your most power heavy things during full sun.

But I digress.

Another thing we accomplished was a complete reorganization of the contents of the truck shelter. You couldn’t even walk in there before, it was so full of bits of lumber, odds and ends, tools and so forth. Unfortunately, I don’t have a before picture, but this is what it looked like after we had emptied it and were just at the beginning stages of putting the stuff back in.


We moved the big work table I built back in the spring into the shelter and there is enough room that I could actually work on things inside. I know that sounds crazy, but it will be quite helpful in the days to come as things get colder outside.

Here is the shot of it all put back together.


In other big news, we had our driveway refurbished today. It was in sore need of some love and care, especially the part beside the pond as it continues to sink over time. We contacted a local guy whom has helped us before with things of this nature and he brought over several loads of gravel. I am getting ahead of things a bit, so lets look at the pictures.

This is what it looked like before, up near our shipping container.


Moving down a bit, you can see the spot where it is low beside the pond. That’s the spot where all of the water is sitting on the driveway.


Mr. Dumptruck arrived and did his fancy “dump & drive” maneuver.


This was the first load. He was pretty good at getting it spread down the driveway just with the dumptruck.


After three loads were dumped, he brought in the backhoe to smooth out the bumps and compact it.


And voila! Newly covered driveway.


Here it is, looking back towards the trailer.


He was also nice enough to fix the entrance to our driveway as it had several trenches through it from the heavy rains we’ve had.


The gravel now makes it most of the way up to the trailer as well, so hopefully the propane delivery truck won’t be leaving huge ruts in our driveway this year.


The only downside to this is it puts trailer interior work back a bit because driveway repairs are not cheep. There are some things we can do with materials we have already purchased, but other things will need to wait until more money comes in.


2 thoughts on “Trailer Update, October 2016”

  1. very nice, good job, I like that last picture down the driveway it’s a cute little abode at the end of the road …it’s small and content and surrounded by such beauty…. really very nice.

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