Discovery of a New Earthship Neighbour

We’ve been up here in Maynooth for two years now and the number of great people we have come in contact with is amazing. We found it very promising when we first got here that we could tell people we were planning to build an Earthship and we didn’t have to explain too often what that was.

Anyway, after having met so many people and having conversations about Earthships, you end up hearing about others who are living off the grid in alternative housing. Or, in this case, an Earthship itself.

We kept meeting people who told us about this other couple who are in the area building an Earthship, but we hadn’t quite made that connection yet. Fortunately, we managed to garner some vague directions from someone and we went out on a search today.

And we found them, after a lovely drive down a sunny country road.

This is Dash and Y.P.’s place.


As you can see from the photo, they are building what is referred to as a simple survival model Earthship. It uses domes instead of the log roof. The front is framed in similar to a global model.


We only met Dash today, his partner was in Toronto which is their home base. He told us about what they were doing and how long they had been working at it (several years).


Dash said he will be here a little longer and then will shutdown the build site and head back to Toronto for the winter. Construction will continue in the spring.

It was great to see and great to meet other Earthshippers in the area. That’s now four of us who are either planning, or in the process of building, an Earthship that we have met in the area.

Rock on!


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