Land Clearing Event

Yesterday, we hosted a land clearing event in the hopes of having some of our vast number of trees reduced so we can figure out where the house is going. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate with us and it was a rather wet day.

Jay, from the Mallorytown Earthship and Patty, another member of the Earthship Ottawa Meetup group made the long trek up here in the rain to help us remove trees.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any action shots of the work being done. When it’s pouring rain, you don’t really feel like pulling out your camera and taking pictures.


Jay brought his chainsaw and Patty brought her bow saw and snips. I used the brush saw and between the three of us, we cleared another section up where we had started last year. I have to say the new blade I put on the brush saw worked really well, once you get it attached properly.

Jay’s chainsaw though, was a bit under powered for serious tree felling. It’s a Poulan he bought from Canadian Tire. If you didn’t have it fully revved when you turned it on its side to do the cuts to take down a tree, it would shut itself off. Either there is something wrong with it, or it just isn’t designed to do that.

In any event, after a very soggy afternoon, we came back down to the trailer where Kat had been preparing our evening meal. Here we are enjoying it thoroughly.


What did we have, you may be asking? Well, we happen to know a really good baker and we had put in a request for some fresh ground, whole wheat, sourdough pizza dough. Say that fast a few times. Fresh ground means she ground the wheat herself.

Kat took that and made our favourite pizza recipe, which uses a Thai peanut and hoisin sauce as it’s base, with chicken, shredded carrots, bean sprouts, peanuts, cheese and fresh cilantro. Here is a close up.


The fresh dough made it awesome, I must say. We all ate our fill and then Patty and Jay had to start their long treks home. It’s unfortunate that all us Earthshippers are so far apart, but really nice that we’re willing to take some time to drive out and lend a hand when we can. We have a pretty good community going.

Today, after all that rain yesterday, the sun was beaming through the leaves of the trees and all the mist. Kat managed to capture a decent photo of it.


A little more progress has been made.


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