Tree problems

Through most of July we didn’t get much rain and things were really dry. There was a full fire ban on it was really hot for a few weeks.

Well, that all changed on August 12th, as we got our first big rain storm that day. It came down hard and fast and left big trenches in our driveway.


Alas, that was just the beginning. On the following Tuesday we had a day long down pour. That rain didn’t fall as hard, but it fell *all* day.

As a result of this, our pond by the driveway is full again. Here you can see the drain pipe we put in doing its thing.


Unfortunately, some of the trees growing in the pond couldn’t handle the sudden change and decided to fall over… right over our driveway.


Here is a better picture as the panoramic gets a bit bright on the right side.


This would normally only be a minor inconvenience. However, my chainsaw is kaput as I burnt out the motor in it during the spring cutting dead elm for firewood. I had to walk down to the neighbour’s place and borrow theirs to do the cleanup. You can see it there in the picture above.

Or, if you’d like to see the reverse perspective, try this one.


It was only a poplar tree, so it wasn’t difficult to deal with. Interestingly though, when I finished cutting the trunk at the edge of the pond, the weight of the root ball was enough at that point to move the tree trunk back in to a semi-upright position. There was added humour to this as there were three frogs who had been sitting on that log, who were launched into the back of the pond. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of that.

In the end, the driveway was cleared and we were able to once again leave our property via vehicular means.


All is well that ends well.


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