Kitchen Countertop, part 1

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I’m working on a new counter top for the area where the kitchen sink goes in the trailer. We have made some progress on that front, but let’s start the story at the beginning.

Remember this guy?


That’s my planer. It does really fun stuff. To give you an example, I present exhibit A.


That is a nicely weathered 2×4 piece of lumber. However, after passing it through the planer a few times, I can make it look like this.


It looks brand new, fresh out of the tree, and the corners are really nice and sharp.

So, using the planer, I used a bunch of old lumber I had, planed it down and starting making the framing for the counter. Here you can see I have several pieces in place.


Once again, as with the cabinet we built, getting everything level is a bit of a challenge. I didn’t just measure one spot and cut all of the pieces to the same height. I put the first one in the back corner, which you can see above, and then using my six foot level, measured each post to make sure it would all be level.

Here you can see that process in action.


If you were to zoom in and look really hard at that picture, you’d be able to see the bubble in the level sitting in the perfect position.

I should mention here, that with the table saw that I made, in conjunction with the planer, I was able to do fancy things like this.


I needed to make the post edges 90 degrees to the edge of the plywood floor, and we were working on a 45 degree angle at that spot. So after some playing around in Sketchup, I made that. If you’re wondering why the posts have numbers, if you’re cutting each post to a different length to make things level, it’s important to know which one is which so you don’t put them in the wrong order, or trim a corner off the wrong one.

I finished the framing and it came out looking like this.


In the section on the left will be a series of drawers, the 45 degree part will just be some simple cupboard doors, and the part on the right will have our recycling bin in it. I can’t do much about that big mess of tubes and wires as they’re all connected to that hot water heater you see at the back. Someday, we may actually want to use that 😛

To cap it off, I put a piece of plywood over the top, so we can at least use it as extra counter space for the time being.


We plan to do a butcher block style counter top, so I’ll just attach that to the plywood.

Unfortunately, that’s all there is at this point. We have a few other projects underway all at the same time, so I put that one on hold while we get some work done on a few other things.

What are those other projects you may be asking? Well, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I’ll give you a little bit of a hint here.



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