Summer time nature

Well, it’s been a while since I posted something resembling an update so I thought I would start out with some nature pictures. I’ve posted numerous autumn and winter pictures of our property, but I thought I would add in some summer ones you all of you can enjoy the greenery.


We’ve had a lot of sunny days with clear blue skies. It’s nice, but it’s also really hot.


As you can see, we live in quite the lush forested spot.


It’s good for the sole to wake up to the lovely wilderness.


This is a picture of our ever decreasing pond beside the driveway. If you look carefully you can see several hundred tadpoles swimming around in there in the sun soaked waters. Unfortunately, we haven’t had much rain so their volume of water is continuing to shrink.


This is what the entrance to the roadway that leads up to the top of the hill looks like. Very grassy.


In addition to the wild trees and plants, we have been attempting to grow our own stuff as well. Here are some pansies that Kat started from seed. They’re doing quite well.


We also have a whole slew of herbs we planted in old water bottles we cut the tops off. That really tall one is dill. It just shot up. We also have parsley, sorrel, thyme, sage, purple basil, cilantro and tarragon. There were a few others that didn’t take, but these ones seem to be doing quite well.


In our larger garden bed we have several varieties of vegetables and a few flowers. Kat spends her time sitting around drinking beer with the slugs so they are too inebriated to eat our plants. It seems to be working so far.


Up beside our shipping container we have another growing bed where Kat planted several varieties of flowers. Again, we got these from our neighbours, the Kellys, who were “downsizing” their garden.


As long as we can get some rain, the plants seem to be doing well, but it has been over a week since anything wet fell out of the sky in any amount that you might call significant. We do save as much rain water as we can for watering, but it does eventually run out.

We’ll do our best to keep things going.


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