Exciting Earthship News

Not so long ago, we receive a very important package in the mail.


Hmmm, what could this be? Let’s open the box and find out.

Oh, look, booklets on Earthship building. That’s exciting, but not extremely so.


Let’s see what else is in the box.


The picture is a little blurry, so I will read you what it says at the bottom of the cover: “Wilson building plans“.

Yes, indeed, we now have our very own, official Earthship building drawings. Several copies in fact.


I can’t say they were cheap, as we bought them from Earthship Biotecture down in Taos, NM, which means we had to pay the CAN/US exchange rate and duty on the package when it crossed the border. However, we are now much further ahead in our Earthship building adventure.

We still need to make a site plan to figure out precisely where the Earthship will be located before we can submit for a permit. This also means removing a whole lot of trees, which is a bit of a problem at the moment because I burnt out the engine on my chainsaw and fixing it will cost more than the saw was new. I plan on getting a much more heavy duty one, but that will have to wait a bit until I’ve paid off a few debts first.

In any event, the current plan is to get all of that done before the snow flies and we can then submit for permit over the winter. Hopefully, that will all work out and we will be pounding tires next spring.

Anyone interested in coming up for some serious physical labour in 2017?


2 thoughts on “Exciting Earthship News”

  1. how exciting! Well Lord willing I’m planning on coming up in the beginning of June….I’m sure something age appropriate could be located for me to do…..feed the birds, feed the squirrels, serve alcoholic beverages to the Slugs…..
    Hugs, Mum

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