Achievements of bad-assdom

So, while all of all that other stuff is going on that I just posted about, I’m also in the middle of trying to build a kitchen counter for the trailer. We already completed the big cabinet, so now we need to replace the counter around the sink.

No problem, I sat down in sketchup and came up with a plan. With plan in hand, I started to work on it.

And almost immediately, I said, “I really need a table saw.”

So many times this has come up and I’ve had to try to figure out how to make cuts without a table saw. For some things you can do it, but there are other cuts where it’s nigh impossible to do without one.

So, I made one.


Wait, what?

Yes, you read that right. I made a smegging table saw.


It took me three days to get it up and running. Getting the socket for my circular saw just right took the longest.

I also couldn’t just cut the hole for the socket, I had to make the table top in two pieces as the motor section of the saw would not fit through the hole itself. So I cut the table on the one side so I can remove it and just slide the saw into place. I lock the removable table top piece with some clamps (which are indispensable, by the way).

I created the fence using a piece of 2×4 that I planed down so it was really nice and flat. I use some more clamps to hold it in place when making cuts.


It definitely isn’t as nice as having a real table saw, but considering it didn’t cost me anything to make it, except time, it certainly does the trick. I just used left over lumber I had lying around for this job.

It isn’t fast to setup, but after using it the first time to trim some baseboards, it worked awesome. You do have to take extra care to make sure the fence is square to the saw blade on both ends.


I secured the saw in it’s socket using a cinch strap so it’s not going to fly out of position.

I was pretty proud of myself for accomplishing this. Achievement unlocked, as we would say in the MMOG world.


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