Splitting wood

As you may recall we had this big pile of logs needing splitting sitting in our yard.


Well our neighbour showed up on Tuesday (yesterday) afternoon with some serious machinery to take care of that for us.


This is Roger, his tracker and attached to it are all the various log destruction paraphernalia. You can see the hydraulic splitter above as the big blade sticking out of the large red metal shaft attached to the back of the tractor. Behind that, there was a trailer that had a staging rack, wheel barrow and a crane we used to pick up the really big pieces and put them on the splitter.

Here you can see it all setup and in action.


We would put some logs on the staging rack, which was really handy as it means the operator didn’t need to be bending over all the time to get the logs, and then feed them to the splitter. When we started it was just Roger and I as Kat was in town buying groceries. However, after she returned, we put her to work right away.


She looks pretty sedate in that picture, but there were some moments of maniacal glee coming from her as she brought forth destruction to the timber. While she was doing that, Roger would load the staging rack and pick up the split pieces to be placed in the waiting wheel barrow. I was the stacker. I took the full wheel barrows and carted them around to the back to our firewood storage facility.

It now looks something like this.


And that pile of wood we started with now looks like this:


It went really smooth and we split everything in the pile we had. That was way easier than trying to split that pile by hand and we are eternally grateful to Roger for coming over and helping us with that.

Kat and I had quite the sense of security after finishing that job. That was, until this morning at 07:15 when this happened.


Our center rows of wood had a bit of an accident. You can’t really see it from that picture, but it wasn’t the just the outer row that came down. No, it had all shifted from the back row forwards. I spent quite a while this morning realigning the rows and restacking the wood.

It was a minor mishap, nothing serious. I’d much rather have that problem than not have any wood to stack at all.


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