Spring Scenery

Today is May 15th and spring is in full swing, though you might not know it if you looked outside right now as it is snowing.

Yes, you read that correctly: snowing!

It’s not cold enough for it to accumulate, but it is still pretty chilly out, which is odd because we were in the mid 20’s C (upper 70’s F) earlier in the week with full sun. In any event, I decided to post some of the springtime scenery pictures we’ve taken over the last few weeks. The weather was much better when we took these.

Let’s start with the buds on the trees against a solid blue sky.


Those are several maple trees, with some white birch on the left side. Here is a similar picture of a poplar tree against the blue sky.


Those were taken back on May 6th and those buds have transformed into tiny leaves now. Not in all cases, some trees have yet to leaf out, but there are many that have begun that process.

Our drain pipe we put in last year because our driveway was being eaten by the pond is working quite well (thank goodness). On the far side of the pond, where it is draining to, there is this cute little stream where I took the following pictures.


Yeah, in that one you can see the old pipe the previous land tenants had put in and it was so clogged with debris that it was no longer functional. That’s kind of a good thing because the pipe was so low that it would have drained the pond completely and we’re trying to keep it at a reasonable depth for the frogs and other life that use it.


Further down the stream.


After that, I went over to the pond and caught some shots of the sun on the water.



Speaking of the pond, it is super noisy right now, as long as you’re not standing beside it. It’s spring peeper season. If you don’t know what that is, they are tiny frogs who are super loud. I’m sure you can find a video of them on youtube doing their thing.

Personally, I really like to hear them. I don’t find their calls disturbing at all. They have some otherworldly sense too, because if you very carefully walk towards the pond, hoping you might actually see one, you don’t have a hope in hell. No matter how quietly you walk, they know you are there and they all shut up as soon as you get within 5m (16′ or so). They are really patient too. You can wait a good 10-15 minutes and they still won’t start up again while you are close. Walk away and they start up again almost immediately.

Maybe that’s another reason they call them ‘peepers’: because they are peeping on you as you try to sneak up on them. I just hope they survive the frost we’re going to have tonight.

Oh, and if you didn’t believe me about the snow…



I just took those a few minutes ago. At least we’re nice and cozy inside with our fire going.


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