End of winter, 2016

Today is the first day of spring, so I thought it would be a good idea to finish up all of the winter related news.

Back on leap day (Feb 29th) we had some ice rain over night which gave the trees an icy shell for a little while, until the sun melted it all. Kat managed to snag a nice picture of the ice with the sun shining on it.


The next day, on March 1st, we had the largest snow dump this year, though all in all, not a huge amount. After it was done, we only got about 20-25cm (8 to 10″). It did make things rather picturesque though.


The birdies were all out, trying to dig down to the seed pile under the bird feeder.


This is what it looked like piled up against our plastic shield.


… and what it looked like from behind that shield. The height of the snow was up to my neck, from the ground. As you can imagine, that plastic was stretched pretty dang tight.


This is the driveway before we had cleared it.


It took me probably a whole two, maybe even three whole minutes to watch Doug, our plough guy, clear the driveway.


Money well spent I say.

I also had done a fair amount of searching for better LED lights for the trailer. The ones we have been using were dirt cheep, give off harsh blue light and keep flickering. Anyway, after a lot of searching first for the lights, then somewhere where I could actually buy them, I found these.


Beside them you can see the old bulbs. The old ones cost me $27 for a pack of 8. The new ones were $37 a piece. Yeah, a lot more expensive. On the other hand, the light quality is far superior. These are natural light LED bulbs with light in the 3200k colour temperature range. They are bright and have a lot warmer light. I only bought two, as they are expensive and I didn’t want to shell out all that money if they didn’t perform well.

We’ll slowly work on replacing the others, but it won’t be all at once.


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