Winter 2016

Several people have told me there hasn’t been any activity on my blog so they have no idea how we are doing or what we are up to. Well, it is now February and I can tell you that not much has happened. We are pretty much in hibernation mode, which admittedly, is a lot easier this year because it has been so warm (relatively speaking).

We have gone out and enjoyed the milder winter weather by taking numerous strolls around our property. We’re getting into the whole forest bathing thing. I always take my phone with us and take a few pictures, so the following gallery will be comprised of several different trips around our land.

Shall we begin?

This first batch were taken on a beautiful, sunny, fresh snow fallen day.

Here we have chickadees on the bird feeder.


General snowy forest.


Sunlight through the trees.


General snowy forest, number two.


Here you can see the edge of our driveway and some rather snowy coniferous trees.


More driveway and snowy trees.


The pond beside our driveway was still active at this point. Oh, it was snowed over, but it was still draining through the pipe. This picture is of the little stream that caused going through the snow.


I have shown this picture before in various states of season. This is the road leading up to the top of the hill on our property, with an unblemished show cover.


This is actually a look at the pond beside the driveway. Not too much visible water there.


After trekking to the top of our hill, I snapped this picture of the sun shining on a balsam fir.


Here you can see the pond we have at the top of the hill, frozen over with some animal tracks for decoration.


Snowy meadow.


This cute little guy was just so adorable, I had to take a picture of it.


This is one of those bizarre trees you find every so often. Early on, part of the tree branched off at almost 180 degrees from the main trunk, did an about face and then headed straight up. The main branch does this big swoop to the left and eventually straightens out.


I thought this was a bit ironic. Here we have two birch trees, almost intertwined. One is a white birch the other is a yellow birch. All of their branches are intermingled up top.


This is a picture of a squirrel or other small furry creature’s refuge. You can see at the bottom of the picture where the snow has been trampled down by repeated small feets.


More general snowy forest.


It wasn’t sunny when we took the next set of pictures. Here we have some ice coming down a small rock face.


And beside it a small overhang.


This is a lovely little stream we have at the south end of the property. Our neighbour’s lake feeds it.


Fresh birdy apartment construction.


With all of the construction debris left as evidence at the bottom of the tree.


More forest.


Kat getting ready to get her loofah out while bathing in the forest.


Mist in the woods.


And more mist in the woods. It was raining this day.


So there you have it. Your very own winter tour around our property. Not quite as good as being here, but then again, you don’t need to get up at night to feed the fire either.


2 thoughts on “Winter 2016”

  1. Hi Dave! Glad you two are taking advantage of the mild weather. I have July booked for Collingwood and have contacted Bob to know when he’s going to start up his project again this spring. I’m definitely not going to miss it this time around. I’m near Ottawa and have joined the Earthship Ottawa meetup group and keeping an eye out for any interesting events. Winter is quiet though, as expected. Were you thinking of going back to Bob’s project this spring?

    Don’t hesitate to send a call to arms when you and Kat are ready to start pounding some tires. And I hope packing the earth around the trailer skirt has worked out.



    1. I’m glad to hear you’re getting involved. We might be having some more tree clearing parties later this year. Also, some friends of ours who are near by are working on a round house on their property. They had quite a few events on the meetup group and I know they will be looking for more help in the spring. There is Phillipe’s build as well, just south of Bancroft. He’s doing well, having managed to get most of the roof on before winter. Agata is also great at finding other interesting things to do with sustainable living, so keep your eyes peeled for events coming up once spring starts knocking at our door.

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