Wood lot conference 2015

Last Friday, Kat and I got up super early and joined our neighbours, the Kelly’s, on a trip down to Batawa to attend a wood lot conference. Kat did a big write-up on her blog about it, so I won’t repeat it here, but I will share with you some of the pictures I took.

Here is the sunrise. Even after the switch back to standard time, the sun rises pretty late (around 07:15) and we were up well before that time so I was able to capture this picture from the car.


In the afternoon I participated in some nature walks, so I got to take some pictures of nature, as it were. This is what a deciduous forest looks like after all of the leaves have dropped.


There was quite a hill there, so these pictures are looking up it. The forest was mostly maple and oak, with some ash and poplar in there too.


Last, but not least, the sun shining through the trees. You get a lot more sunshine down to the ground with all of the leaves off the trees.


It was fun to get out and enjoy the outdoors. As I was discussing with my neighbour, Roger Kelly, we are fortunate enough to have our own forests that we can go out and wander around when ever we feel like it. If you’re feeling stressed, I greatly recommend the experience.


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