Trailer rebuilding: stove pipe, paneling, trim and fire

If you have been following along, I bet you’re all curious as to how things are going, seeing as I haven’t done an update in two days. We ended up skipping yesterday entirely as I had to take care of some work related things during the day. After numerous emails and phone calls it was well into the afternoon so we just decided to take the rest of the day off. It was a nice break seeing as I have been working everyday for over three weeks to get this done.

However, I can tell you that we have indeed achieved a milestone. Here you can see the wood stove all hooked up with its alien ovipositor attached to it. It wasn’t difficult after I had set up those string guidelines.


Of course, we had to try it out. So here is our first fire in the new setup. Just try to ignore all of the dirt on the floor. We do endless amounts of sweeping, but we just make another mess afterwards.


So now when we work on the trailer, we can light the fire and warm things up while we’re working on it. It’s quite lovely.

We used up all of the new panels we bought and you can see here we have covered the ceiling now.


As well as the ceiling in the kitchen slide-out.


Here is Kat passed out on the table. I’m not going to reveal the circumstances that led up to this compromising position.


With it raining quite a bit the last few days, it made it difficult to do any large scale cutting outside. For instance, I wanted to work on putting the plywood down on the floor of the kitchen slide-out today, but I needed to be doing some long 8′ (244cm) cuts with a skill saw and we can’t really do that inside.

So we decided to work on something else. I moved the miter saw inside and we worked on putting up the trim in the corners. Always lots of fun with angles when doing this. Here I am contemplating my wood.


Mmmm, three way joints. If you’re paying close attention to your cuts, this goes pretty well. If you can’t think spatially, it would probably be quite challenging.

This is a picture in one of the ceiling corners of the living-room slide-out.


Here is a floor corner on the same slide-out. You can also see our really dirty floor too.


Kat also went around and put the plastic on most of the windows, so our winterizing is almost complete. This weekend we have plans to work on firewood processing to increase our stash. After that, I will need to get a semblance of a kitchen back up and running and then skirt the trailer.

So much to do.


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