Trailer rebuilding: paneling and trench digging

A lot of things happened today. First of all, it was really windy. The weather office said 60 to 90 kph (38 to 56 mph) for the wind speed and judging by all of the downed trees in the area, I would agree. There were quite a few power outages listed as well, but that doesn’t affect us too much, being off the grid 😛

I bet you’re all dying to see how the grouting turned out. Well, here is what it looked like when we arrived this morning.


Dirty. I started by cleaning it up and making it look nice, and then we kept walking on it and it would get all dirty again. After the third or forth cleaning I decided to give up. I did take a picture after I had cleaned it the first time and put the vent grills in, but it came out blurry, unfortunately.


After that, we worked on panels. I put in the two on either side of this window.


I bet you’re wondering why I didn’t just do that with one big piece from the top. Well, that’s because the width from one side to the other is more than the width of our panels, unfortunately. I’d almost say it was sized perfectly to annoy you the most.

Kat put in the last piece on the ceiling in the living room slide-out.


After that, we had a pause on the interior work to supervise some exterior work. We had our local back hoe operator come over and dig us a nice trench and hole for the drain pipe coming out of the trailer. It froze solid last winter, so this year we are dropping it under the frost line and making it its own little drain field.


Of course, there is always the token rock to be pulled out. This one was decent sized, but no issue at all for the back hoe.


When all was said and done, it took maybe a max of 30min and we ended up with this.


That would have taken us several days of digging by hand, not including the large rock wrangling. That was one of the best $100 I ever spent.

Of course, we still needed to dig the part that goes under the trailer, as the drain comes from the far side. So I set about doing that while Kat went back inside to work on more paneling.

This is when I discovered our soil gets really dang hard the further down you go. They clay starts to show up at about 3’6″ (105cm).


I also discovered some interesting veins while I was digging. I’m not going to say I struck gold, but I did find a lot of shiny flakes. Here is a close up picture. The shiny flakes came from the really dark spot in the center, as well as the two lighter spots above it. I have no idea what it might be, but if you’re a geologist (or you know one), feel free to weigh in with some opinions.


I managed to scrape up some of the shiny flakes and I took this close up, but it didn’t really turn out. It mostly just looks like sand. All I can say is that it was shiny and looked metallic, not mineral. Remember, I said “looked”. Perhaps it is more gemstone related. The Bancroft area is a hot spot for minerals, so you never know.


As I said at the beginning, it was a really windy day. If you stopped to look up at the sky, you would see the clouds moving really fast across it. I took this picture with the clouds and the sun. A video would be better, but this is what you get.


Now that we have a big trench right under our door, we should probably fill that soon so we don’t fall in. I’ll probably be working on that on the weekend while Kat works on the paneling inside.


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