Trailer rebuilding: gluing the tiles, part 2 (and so much more)

Today was a great day, for many reasons. First of all, it was warm. Really warm. We’re not talking 45C (113F), but for November up here, 18C (64F) and full sunshine is unseasonably warm.

Also today, we had a helper. Ian (yes, yet another Ian – I know too many now) and his wife and daughter had just moved into the area back in August and are interested in the whole Earthship/sustainable living movement. Ian has a fair amount of construction experience and volunteered his time today to come help us out. As a result, we were able to accomplish quite a bit.

First of all, I finished gluing all of the tiles. Here is the final result.


If everything goes as planned (which is often not the case, but we can always aim for that) I will grout the tiles tomorrow and we will be on our way to getting the wood stove back inside and up and running.

While I was working on the tiles, Ian was using some of the panel off-cuts to fill in the long strips above the slide-outs. Here you can see it filled in above the kitchen slide-out.


This next one shows the strip filled in above the dining table slide-out. We also used our last full panel to start covering the ceiling in the slide-out.


More panels are on order and should be arriving this Friday.

After that, Ian and I moved outside and worked on the permanent bracing for the roof that I hadn’t managed to get to yet. We were putting in the 45 degree angled supports.


This went so much faster with the two of us. Also, with Ian being very familiar with tools of all sorts, there isn’t any need to explain anything; we just went right at it. We had all but two of the supports in before Kat arrived with lunch.


Here you can see the 45s we put on the opposite side as well.


After lunch we pulled off some more of the temporary bracing, as it was no longer needed and then wrapped the back with a big-ass tarp. I have my friend Gerry to thank for the the BA tarp. It was more than adequate to wrap the entire 40′ (12.2m) from one end of the roof to the other.


You can also see all of the remains of the kitchen parts we pulled out sitting back there.

As you may be aware, after the time changes, it gets dark really early now. After we wrapped the back wall, we did some clean up and took Ian back home. He and his wife are renting this little house right on the Madawaska river. It’s surrounded by white pines so there is this awesome carpet of pine needles around the property.

They also have their own private beach to watch the sunsets.


If I was going to rent a place, that would be the kind of place I would love.


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