Trailer rebuilding: gluing the tiles, part 1

Today, I finally got to gluing the tiles. There was a bit of prep work, though. First, I sanded down the patch areas where I had put the joint compound yesterday. Then you have to sweep it clean. I did this three times, I think.

I also added some pieces of scrap materials to the walls. You can see it here.


I did that for two reasons. First, so you don’t end up getting tile glue all over your walls and secondly, the wall is not straight. It has a varying gap between it and the cement board that I filled earlier with spray foam. Well, I wanted to make sure the tiles would be set relative to the cement board, not the spray foamed gap, so I added the scrap pieces to cover that gap.

Then, after doing some quick math, I discovered I wasn’t going to have enough tile spacers to do the whole job, so I had to go into town to get some more. I also bought some lunch while I was there.

After returning and eating lunch with Kat, I finally got started on gluing the tiles down. Here is me, spreading the glue for the first row.


Voila! The first tile is set.


I did all of the tiles along the back wall and then started filling in the rows starting on the left working towards the right. Unfortunately, as I was going along, I noticed I was using the tile adhesive a lot faster than I had anticipated.


I ended up running out of tile glue before I was finished, so I had to quit before it was done. I made it this far.


I had bought premixed tile adhesive because it was such a small space and it didn’t seem like it would take a whole lot. It doesn’t, really, but it will take two tubs instead of one. Lesson learned there.

Also, you may have noticed I have put the tile spacers in vertically instead of lying them on the floor. I did that after watching some tile installation videos and they recommended doing it this way. The advantage is, you can easily remove the spacers when you’re done. If you put them on the floor, they are pretty much stuck there and will remain as they will be embedded in the tile glue. There was also mention that with plastic spacers in there permanently, plastic has different thermal expansion/contraction properties than tile and grout. This can sometimes lead to your grout cracking because of the spacers. To be safe, I did it this way like they did in the video.

While I was laying tiles, Kat was busy working on the panels in the kitchen slide-out. The first one she worked on took quite a while, as there were a lot of extra cuts involved. By the end of the day, she had finished off all of the wall panels and it is now looking pretty snazzy.


Unfortunately, we only have one full panel left. We have ordered some more, but they won’t be in until Friday.

Also, after I finished with the tiles, I put the chainsaw in the truck and headed up our hill to process a tree we had cut down last week. It had been hung up in another tree and no amount of fussing on our part could untangle it. Fortunately, it fell of its own accord yesterday (I heard the crash) so all I had to do was cut it up into pieces.

Said pieces are now sitting beside the trailer, waiting to be split and stacked.


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