Trailer rebuilding, laminate floor

It wasn’t pouring gargantuan amounts of rain today so I was able to pull out the miter saw and get down to some serious cutting for the laminate floor (all of the laminate from yesterday was cut with a hand saw inside the trailer). Kat and I got into a really good rhythm where she would give me the measurements and I would cut the piece. She would then click in the rows as we went along.

It only got tricky when we had to do the last row, but we managed.

Voila! Laminate floor installed.


Yes, we even finished it at both ends of the trailer.


We ended up using nine boxes, with a bunch of off-cuts left over at the end. We will be able to use those when we do the bedroom area in the spring. I bought 15 boxes so there should be enough.

We finished the floor this morning and then had to head back to the store again for more building supplies. This time we were hunting for things like baseboardy type things. We finally settled on a really simple concave style quarter round to fill in at the corners. Here you can see where we put some in.


The place is starting to look pretty snazzy.

With the laminate completed, I can now concentrate on the tiles for under the wood stove. So the first thing I did was pull out the spray foam again.

Wait, what? Yeah, you heard me: spray foam. You see, there were some large cracks to fill along the edges of the walls beside the cement board that I had put in. So I filled them with more spray foam. There was also this ugly gap where the panels didn’t seam properly at the back that I filled as well. We’ll trim that all up and paint it so it’s nice and neat.

Then there was the part about dealing with the cracks between the cement board pieces themselves. I wanted to have a nice smooth surface for the tiles to adhere to, so I brought out some drywall compound and mudded the seams. I’m sure it’s not the best option, but I had it on hand and seemed like a good idea at the time.

Tomorrow I can sand it smooth and then start working on the tile layout.

Here is a picture of that area.


Speaking of tile layout, we discovered today that the box of tiles lied. Well, not exactly lied, but close. It has two different dimensions listed on it: 12 inches x 12 inches and the metric 30cm x 30cm. Well, to be precise, it can’t be both of those at the same time. I had done all of my measurements based on 12″x12″, but, of course, the tiles were actually 30cm x 30 cm. For those who don’t know the conversion, 30cm is 11 and 13/16th inches, not 12. It’s not a huge difference, but it adds up as you go further along with your tiles.

It’s a pain in the butt, is what it is. Never the less, we shall persevere. If I can get all of the tiles cut and laid out properly tomorrow, that means I can glue them on Sunday and then grout them on Monday.

The day of the wood stove is drawing near 🙂


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