Trailer rebuilding, more progress

We made some noticeable progress today. We spent this morning finishing putting down the rigid insulation on the floor. Well, finishing the main section anyway.


Not sure how well you can see that in the above picture. The sun was out and it was creating a huge contrast for the camera to try and cope with.

We didn’t have enough foam boards to do the raised section on the kitchen slide-out so we will need to buy a few sheets to do that part. It’s either that or drive down to Ottawa to do some more dumpster diving, but the cost in gas would be more than buying the sheets.

Anyway, with the main section now insulated, we moved on to bigger and better things: laminate flooring.

I had done some internet research on putting this stuff in and it’s not all that difficult. However I ran into some conflicting info too. The biggest one being what each edge of the flooring pieces is called. There is a “grooved” side and a “tongued” side. Now what I would call the tongued side was the opposite of what the guy in the video I watched used. So the first two pieces I had in backwards. Here is a picture of the very first piece.


Once I figured out what was going wrong, I redid the first row. I made sure to put in spacers, like everyone tells you to.


It’s pretty much a snap to put together once you get the rhythm of things. Here is the progress after two boxes.


Three boxes…


… and five boxes.


We quit after five boxes because it was getting late and it is tough enough to see a pencil line on the dark coloured laminate for cutting in full daylight. When the shadows start getting longer trying to find your line becomes really difficult.

We did get quite a ways through it though.


We should be able to finish the main section tomorrow. This means that I can start working on the tiles for the area under the wood stove on the weekend. Yay, heat will be coming soon.

On a completely separate note, we shot some deer on the way out.


I realize deer hunting season is upon us, but I didn’t mean it like that 😉 We just took their picture. We should give them some bullet proof vests just to mess with the hunters 😛


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