Trailer rebuilding, the continuing story

Yeah, I know, I didn’t do a post yesterday as we didn’t accomplish a whole lot. After visiting two stores in the morning for wood stove gaskets and being unsuccessful we managed to get to the trailer late. Also Kat and I had chiropractor appointments in the afternoon so we worked a bit later, headed into town for a late lunch and then went to another store for another attempt at finding wood stove gaskets of the proper size (we were successful, finally).

I do have a couple of pictures from yesterday. Here is Kat trying her hand at cutting a piece of paneling.


That panel, after many more cuts, ended up being put in the beside the last one from yesterday on the right side of the right window. Here it is looking mighty fine, if we do say so ourselves.


The off-cut from that panel was just the right size to fit in beside the door, so we attached it there.


Here is another picture of the same panel after we finished putting the switches back in place.


That was it. That’s all we got done yesterday, unfortunately.

Which brings us to today.

I started with working on the last wall panel in the slide-out. Here you can see it around one of the new windows we put in. Also the light switch has been reattached as well.


With all of the panels on the walls now, we got back to putting the foam insulation on the floor. We made good progress with this as well.


It’s a bit like playing tetris, but hey, the insulation was free so I’m not complaining.


I’m not sure we’ll have enough to quite finish it all, but we have covered the majority of the floor. Once that is done, we will start laying out the laminate flooring. We hope to start that tomorrow.


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