Trailer insulating, day 6

So here we are today with another exciting episode of put-your-trailer-back-together. Fortunately, we actually made some visible progress today.

We started with more panels this morning. I started on the strip above the two I put in yesterday. I chose different widths so the seams would be staggered, which is generally always a good idea.


After that, I did the small strip beside the window on the right at the back and I put in the panel under the window on the side wall on the left.


Having now put in all of the panels at floor level around the area where the wood stove will be going, I got to work on putting the rigid foam insulation boards in that area. I used the two-faced tape to stick it to the floor so it won’t move once we get it in place. Here is the first piece.


I filled in the rest along the back, also putting some up the side of the slide out lip on the right side. Yeah, my pieces are irregular, but that’s what you get when you pull them out of the dumpster.


I took some time and used tuck tape to cover all of the seams.


Then things got complicated. Well, complicated probably isn’t the best word. However, have you ever tried to move a 1/2″ (13mm) 4’x8′ (1.2m x 2.45m) cement board by yourself? This is no simple task. Luckily, we had it right outside the door so I didn’t have to take it too far.

The next challenge was cutting it. I had looked up earlier what to use to cut it and most said the best way was to just score it on one side and then break off the piece. Well, that wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do either, but I managed it. It’s also pretty messy, though not nearly as messy as using a power saw to cut it, from what I have read.

The whole point of the cement board is to have a nice surface to put tiles on for the area around the wood stove. Yes, we’re giving up on the bricks we had last year and putting in a tiled area. The bricks were cheap and they worked okay, but they were just put in loosely without any mortar so a lot of debris fell between them and you occasionally knock one out of position on the edge when you’re working around the area. Also, trying to keep the bricks clean is a pain as the surface is pretty irregular.

So, we have opted for ceramic tiles instead. The tiles I bought are 12″ (30cm) square. With 1/4″ spacing between them for grout, I can put seven per row for 86″ (220cm). If we do four rows, that should give me plenty enough room for the heat shield behind the stove, the required 8″ (20cm) space between the back of the stove and the wall and enough room at the front for all of the required clearances. Unfortunately, four rows with 1/4″ spacers means it comes out to 49.25″ (125cm). The cement board is only 48″ wide so I needed to add some small strips at the front.

After all the fuss and cutting, I put it in and it looked like this.


Interestingly enough, I discovered that 86″ was the exact dimension from the left wall to the lip of the slide out on the right after having added the rigid foam insulation. Convenient, no? Well, this left me with a dilemma as I then had the small strip under the window on the right side that I thought I was going to put laminate flooring in, but after looking at it, that didn’t seem like a good idea. So I just cut another piece of cement board and put it in the slot.


This will mean I will need to cut some tiles to fit in the small spot there, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. Just more work, obviously.

You may also have noticed in the above picture that I also filled in that missing panel piece in the middle on the back wall that has been bugging you for the last five pictures.

I also cut and fit in the panels around the chimney.


So, things are starting to happen. I’m sure tomorrow will be another action packed day of reassembling the trailer. Sometimes I wish it was all just lego, cause that stuff is easy to put together 🙂


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