Trailer insulating, day 4

It’s difficult to believe that we’re at day four and we still can’t show much progress. Today was spent trimming all of the additional spray foam I had added. Oh, and I got another can and emptied it filling in all of the cracks and spaces that we could find. Here is a picture of me in action.


Yes, this time the insulation was blue. Kinda fun, really.


If you were paying attention to the pictures in the previous posts, you may have seen a large metal strip going across the floor. That was a cover for the seam where the slide-out starts. It stuck up off the floor and wasn’t doing a whole lot of good, we we decided to remove it and fill the trench with more foam. After it hardened, we trimmed it and it looked like this.


Fortunately, we can now show you the beginnings of real progress. Here you can see Kat working on the first new panel we put on the ceiling.


In case you are wondering, the new panels are 1/8th inch (3mm) plywood with mahogany finish on one side. They’re pretty ideal for this situation. We managed to get two of them up.


Unfortunately, they only come in 3’x7′(0.9m x 2.1m) panels so they are a bit smaller than your standard sized sheets. Also, the trusses in the roof of the trailer are spaced at seemingly random intervals. No two trusses had the same distance between them, which is a bit annoying.

Tomorrow we’re going to put down some 6mil vapor barrier on the floor and then start to cover it with rigid foam insulation. I’m not sure I have enough to finish the job, but I do have enough to get the end where the wood stove is located, which is our highest priority. Soon, there will be tiling in our future. But I’m getting ahead of things.


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