Trailer insulating, day 3

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took one of those cans of spray foam insulation you can buy at the hardware store and poked a hole in it? Well, we can now satisfy your curiosity and show you exactly what happens.


You see, I had gone out to buy some supplies yesterday and bought two cans of the stuff to fill in around corners and other spots where the big foaming didn’t quite reach. I had them in a bag along with some tubes of glue and a couple other things. Anyway, I needed the bag so I turned it over and spilled the contents on the floor. Unfortunately, one of those metal grills that sit over your duct vents was lying on the floor upside down. Being made of metal, the framing of said grill is thin and sharp and one of the cans of spray foam hit it and let’s just say its exterior hull was compromised.

Contrary to what the movies might make you believe, cans under pressure rarely explode when damaged; they just spill the contents. In this case, it was a slow motion explosion, I guess you could call it. The incident happened just as we were packing up at the end of the day yesterday so I took the can quickly outside and just let it do its thing.

We came back this morning to find the large orange blob pictured above.

This of course led us to think that having spray foam in a grenade type container where you could just pull the pin and throw it under our trailer would certainly solve any skirting issues that we might have 😛

Today was another day of trimming, but I also did some filling in with more spray foam, as mentioned above. You can see this in the pictures below where the bright orange bits are.

One of the biggest difficulties that Brad said when he was doing the foaming was trying to spray only a little, as apparently it expands pretty quickly and doing only 2″ (5cm) can be quite challenging, especially around corners and small pockets. So I broke out my spray foam gun, screwed on a can and went to work.




I do have to say that having the gun with the nozzles is way better than just buying one of the cans with the cheap disposable nozzle included. You get way better control and you can do much finer work with the gun. Yeah, there is an initial cost to getting it and you have to buy the cleaner cans for it so it doesn’t clog up, but once you have tried it vs the disposables you will probably agree that it is far better.

By the end of the day, our pile of debris was getting pretty big and it was difficult to walk around without having pieces of spray foam stuck to the bottom of your shoes. No, not because it was wet, but because of that whole static electricity thing.


I took it upon myself to tackle the large pile of refuse and I shoveled it all into a garbage bag. We didn’t quite finish the trimming, but we are really close. We should be able to finish it in the morning and then we can move onto actually starting to put it back together. I’m sure the blog posts will be much more interesting then.


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