Trailer insulating, day 2

So yesterday we had the trailer insulated with spray foam. Now we’re working hard to put it back together, so you might be wondering how much we managed to get done in one day. Well, here are a couple of pictures that we took at the end of the day today.



Ummm, aren’t those the same pictures as yesterday? Almost. What you can’t really see is the fact that we spent all dang day trimming the spray foam. We have to cut away the overlaps and extra bits that stick out too far so we can put the paneling on the walls.

It isn’t really difficult, just really tedious. The ceiling bits get rough as you’re standing there with your arms in the air working with tools and you get tired after a while.

Oh, and I should mention what tools we used. Brad, the spray foam guy said a dull hand saw works pretty good. I happen to have a bunch of hand saws, but not necessarily dull ones. Anyway, I gave it a shot and it does work, buy holy cow does that make a huge mess. It shreds the foam so you end up with thousands of tiny pieces all over you that won’t come off because they are stuck there with static electricity.

We switched to a knife and a machete. The machete is good for larger spans. I also used a chisel, especially on the ceiling trusses as we still had some left over bits of original paneling stuck to them that had to be removed as well.

At the end of the day, you end up with numerous piles that look something like this.


We managed to get through about half of the trailer today so hopefully we can finish off the trimming tomorrow. I will keep you posted.


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