Insulation time

Sung to the tune of Same Ol’ Situation by Mötley Crüe.

We’ve got an RV trailer home that’s full of mold
It’s getting really old
We have removed the kitchen and the wood stove too
I will tell ya, it’s just really cold

Now we used to have it cosy but winter time was tough
I guess that’s the name of the game
Yeah, we really used to love it, but then we discovered
It’s got to be a comfort thing

Now we have a plan
To do what we can

Its called spray foam, spray foam insulation
Its called spray foam, spray foam here today

We say, Go, go, go
go, go, go

Yes, as many of you know, and as we have reported previously, we finally got the trailer spray foam insulated today. What a difference that makes too. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s look at some shots of what it was like before.

We stripped it down to the aluminum studs and pulled out all of the old, moldy pink fiber glass insulation.


We also glued strapping to the studs to extend the depth of the wall out passed two inches.


The strapping serves several purposes. First, the minimum depth the guy doing the spray foaming said he could do was two inches as the stuff really expands quickly.

Secondly, with the outer wall connected directly to the aluminum frame, along with the inner wall, there is no barrier there to stop the cold from just coming right through the wall via the metal frame. With the strapping we’ve gained a bit of coverage over that as the wood won’t conduct the cold as easily as the aluminum.


We also glued the wood strapping to the aluminum framing instead of using nails or screws. If we had used nails or screws, it would have allowed the cold to come right through the wood via the fastener. It’s not a perfect solution by far, but it is an improvement.


So that’s what our trailer looked like this morning. Nothing inside, just framing and outer walls.

Then Brad, the spray foam guy, showed up and started to get to work. Here he is, in the middle of the job.


As you can see from the following pictures, once he was done, it made a huge difference.





Yeah, that’s going to make things quite interesting this winter. Now we need to put it all back together, with special emphasis on the wood stove so we can get some heat back in the trailer.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to strip all of the trailer; we only did the kitchen/living room area. The bedroom area still needs to be done, but we won’t be doing that this fall as it’s going to take some time to put things back together and by the time we’re done that, it will probably be too cold to do the bedroom. We were told the lowest temperature where spraying is still possible is -10C (14F) and it won’t be long before temperatures like that will be arriving. So we’ll need to save the bedroom portion for the spring.

We still have some things to do outside as well, before the major cold weather hits. Things like skirting the trailer and processing more firewood are high on the list. One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment around our place.


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