Autumn 2015 is here

As of September 23rd, Autumn has officially arrived. No two autumns are exactly the same. Last year we had a steady changing of the colours which peaked around the third week of September and then the leaves started falling. This year, it was really warm for most of September and the trees didn’t start changing until much later, but they did it much quicker. We went from really warm to pretty chilly pretty quickly.

For your viewing pleasure we took some pictures of the fall colours, though I don’t think they are as vibrant as they were last year. Some trees skipped the whole changing colours and just dropped their leaves. Two weekends ago was Thanksgiving here in the Great White North and we still had a fair amount of colour then. Now, as I am writing this on October the 20th, you’d be hard pressed to find a tree that still has leaves on it, at least up where we live anyway.

Anyway, on with the show, as it were.








Some of those were taken on our land, or close by. A couple of them we snagged while on the road back from visiting family down in Ottawa during Thanksgiving.

Now, if you’re an arachnophobe, or just generally don’t like spiders and other crawly things you’ll probably want to stop here.

When we returned from Colorado we opened up our truck shelter (the big white tent which is supposed to be where we park the truck, but we’re using it for building material storage) to find we had a new resident who had moved in while we were away.

Are you ready?


Yup, she’s pretty sizable, probably about the same size as a daddy long-legs. This is a black and yellow garden spider. We have had some nights that have dipped well below freezing and she is still sitting on her web. The truck shelter offers her both a comfy spot to live and a great spot for her to reduce the fly population as they like to find their way in there as well.

We’ve just let her do her own thing. Not every spider gets this privilege, especially if we found it in side the trailer, but we felt she was well positioned out of our way for the most part. Plus she gives us something fun to show everyone 🙂


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