Forever onwards

So, Dave, now that you’re home did you relax this weekend?

Actually, no. We went over to Philippe Charmet’s Earthship build on Saturday and helped out there. It felt quite a bit different when there isn’t a crew of 60+ people all working around you. Much more laid back.

We had been over to Phil’s place last year when he was just starting. It’s much further along now, as far as the walls are concerned.


You can see Phil over Kat’s shoulder there on the left.

Phil has some guys he hired, plus a few of us volunteers who showed up. We were working on doing packout between the tires. Here is a picture of Mark and Carol hard at work. They are members of the Earthship Ottawa meetup group. They regularly post meetups for builds and other fun activities so if you’re interested in this stuff, and close to the area, you might want to look it up.


As you can see, they’re up to seven courses completed of tires. His design is a bit different than what we’re used to, but hey, gotta try new things right?

Here is a picture of Kat saying to herself, “Didn’t we just do this last week?”


I also have been wanting to finish hooking up the composting toilet which I worked on today. I needed to connect the overflow pipe and the vent stack. Both of those are in place now and we’re just waiting for the glue to dry on the joints and the spray foam insulation to harden. I put the starter stuff in the composting bin and with any luck we’ll be in business tomorrow.

Which is good because Phil is coming over tomorrow to help us cut trees. There may be another tree cutting party a bit later, but I haven’t confirmed that one yet. We also still need to finish off the roof, put up the solar array, rip off the interior paneling in the trailer so we can insulate it, insulate and skirt the underneath of the trailer and then make sure we have a tonne of firewood ready for the winter.

Needless to say, we have our work cut out for us.


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