The long voyage home, Day 4 (last day)

Yes, we finally made it home. Sorry to keep all of you waiting. We drove straight through yesterday and managed to get home around 00:15. That was about a sixteen hour drive. We started in Ironwood, Michigan and drove all the way to Maynooth, Ontario. It was close to 800 miles (1280 km). It was a long day and neither of us were in any shape to do blog postings when we got home. So you’re getting them now.

Our day started off with donuts.


Don’t look at me, I don’t eat donuts with sprinkles. That must be a Kat thing.

We went through a lot of small towns. Kat was driving so I took this picture of wood carving as we were going through Wakefield, MI.


There was a lot of wilderness to get through, including the Ottawa National Forest, in Michigan. Yes, if you look for it, Ottawa shows up a lot of places actually.


Lots of trees and lots of open areas with lots of road to travel.


I don’t even remember which town this was, we went through so many of them.


We eventually made it to Marquette, MI which is right on the southern edge of Lake Superior.


Here we were traveling so fast that we started pulling traffic cones towards us, that’s how awesome we are.


This is the vast blue-ness that is Lake Superior.


After another many miles we went through a town called Christmas, MI.


Finally, at around 15:00 or so, we were getting close to the border.


We paid our toll and headed on over the bridge.


It was a pretty sizable bridge too. It has to be to allow those really big boats to go through underneath.


The town we crossed at was Sault Ste Marie and there is a version of it on both sides of the border. That’s pronounced “Soo Saint Marie” for the uninitiated.

Here is one of those big boats I mentioned heading into Lake Superior.


This is the big lock system they built to allow the ships to go up stream. This is the connection between Lake Huron and Lake Superior. That’s your geography lesson for today.


And yet, more bridge.


Eventually we got to the other side and got in line for customs. The line was way shorter than when we went through at Sarnia.

We rolled up to the booth, Kat handed the customs agent our documents and he swiped them through the machine AND NO SIRENS WENT OFF!! Actually, he asked us where we lived, where we had been, how long we had been there and what we were bringing back. That’s it. We got our documents back and headed on our way.

This is not to say that the customs agents in Canada are less scrutinizing than their American counterparts, for I have been detained for further questioning going both ways across the border. Just luck of the draw, I guess.

We had to make our way through Sault Ste Marie and I took this picture of the Bush Plane museum.


Then we were back on the road. Yup this looks like Canada. How can you tell? Well all of the speed limit signs are in km/h for one thing.


We came across several places that had signs warning of people traveling by horse and buggy on the road, and we were not disappointed.


We stopped in Bruce Mines to stretch our legs and use the toilet. It also happens to be right on the north side of Lake Huron so I used it as a picture taking opportunity. Here you can see the marina and Lake Huron.


We drove for quite a while. I got a picture of some geese on a sandbar in the middle of a river.


Sunshine on the water.


We drove around Sudbury which used to be a huge mining town and has some really big smoke stacks. Sudbury and the surrounding area used to be just miles of black rock. All vegetation had been wiped out from the stuff coming out of those stacks.

Well, it’s been quite a while since the mining died down and now the place is wrought with vegetation again. Hurray for nature.

Here are some smoke stacks for you.


It was getting later by that point. We switched it up and I drove the night time shift. It’s difficult to take scenery pictures at night so that’s all we have. This concludes our journey down to Colorado and back.

Through miles untold and tires unnumbered, I have made my way here to the Earthship beyond Salida, CO to take back the knowledge that you have provided, for my arms are as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great — You have bestowed great power on me.


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