The long voyage home, Day 3

We started in Bismark, North Dakota this morning and drove another 550 miles (880km) to Ironwood, Michigan. We started off on the I94, which is a major highway with a speed limit of 75mph (120kph), but we hopped off that one for smaller highways after Fargo, ND. Sure, you can’t go as fast, but the road and scenery felt a lot better.

Let’s look at some pictures so you can see what I mean.

This was early in the morning and we started to pass some lakes in North Dakota. This one had, what looked like to us, pelicans swimming on it.


Once again, many fields of sunflowers. All that sunflower oil has to come from somewhere.


More lakes, and by this point, more bugs on the windshield.


We’ve switched from sunflowers to soybeans.


At various points during the day, we saw several over-sized transport trucks hauling huge wind turbine blades.


We stopped in this really cute town called Park Rapids, Minnesota to get some gas and exercise our feet. I took this picture of the water tower that had a loon on it while we were standing around.


Kat snapped this picture as we headed down the main drag. We both love little towns so being on the smaller road we got to discover quite a few.


At some point in the afternoon, Kat noticed some interesting cloud stuff going on and managed to capture a picture of it with the sun right behind it.


More traveling down the road. Lots of trees and with leaves too. It was starting to feel a lot like home when we were driving through Wisconsin.


This is another quaint little town called Walker, Minnesota.


This was a large body of water that we passed several times, in fact, called Leech Lake. But it wasn’t the biggest lake we saw today 😉


Endless corridors of greenery and blue skies. It was quite a nice day for driving.


Here is another one of those wind turbine blades, this one a lot closer.


I don’t remember which town we were in when we saw this. It might have been Hill City, Minnesota.


Eventually we made it to a bigger town, with bigger water and much bigger bridges: Duluth, Minnesota.


Our original planned route had to be modified as one of the bridges was closed for repairs so we took the detour over the alternate one. Here is us pulling into town.


And heading across the vast expanse of Lake Superior. Okay, we only skirted the edge of it, but even so.


It is one frikin’ huge lake, if you have never seen it. It is large enough that you can’t see across it to the other side and it is one of the only fresh water lakes that has surf.


We crossed the bridge into Wisconsin and drove out of town. Kat managed to take another picture closer to the water of Lake Superior.


By the time we crossed into Michigan it was getting on in the afternoon. We drove a bit further and ended up in Ironwood, MI as I mentioned at the start. It’s a nice little town. We had dinner at the Maplewood Steakhouse beside our hotel and after that experience, we won’t be going back. It wasn’t super bad, it just wasn’t anything to write home about. Funny, I’m writing about it now.

Anyway, another day of driving is done. I’m hoping to get home tomorrow, but we’ll see what happens. We’re planning to cross back into Canada at Sault Ste Marie and head down highway 17.


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