The long voyage home, Day 1

We woke up this morning around 7am and it was once again, a gorgeous sunny morning. I decided I would take a last few pictures from around the campsite, just because it was so awesome.

This was the view from out the door of our tent.


The mountains to the south, looking awesome in the morning sun.


And it just wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t snap a sun burst shot from the north east.


It took us a while to pack up. We wanted to eat up some of the stuff that would otherwise go bad in the cooler so we cooked up the rest of the bacon and eggs. We repacked our bags, took down the tents, took everything out of the truck and then repacked it all so it would fit. We pulled out of the campsite at 10am.

We also had several people from the campsite stop by to say goodbye. Everyone was super friendly there and if you’re in the neighbourhood of Salida, CO and need a place to camp, I would certainly recommend the Pleasant Valley RV Park. We didn’t have an RV, just tents, but you get riverside sites which was awesome.

We’re heading home through a different route than what we drove to get here. I’m not sure we’ve completely settled on all of the details yet, but we did head north from Salida and kept on going until we reached Newcastle, WY. I have to say, the drive through Colorado was just sheer awesome. I was driving so Kat was the designated photographer and she took quite a few. I’m not going to comment on all of them; I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.









When we got to this section, starting with the above picture, it totally reminded me of Mulgore and Thunderbluff from World of Warcraft. If you’ve never played or seen it, then just ignore this comment.









Just as we were getting close to Wyoming, we spotted this big tractor trailer with the OVERSIZED LOAD sign on the back hauling tires. Not just any tires either. These ones were ginormous and the truck was only carrying five of them.


You think the 16 or 17 inch tires on your car are big, try having tires that are 16′ (4.9m) in diameter 😛 One of those tires was bigger than our truck. If the tires are that big, I wonder how they get the vehicle that they belong to from the manufacturer to the work site? Maybe they just ship the parts and put it together on site.

One thing is for sure, you could make a really huge Earthship with tires that big. Of course it would take twenty people to fill one tire, not to mention a back hoe to get the dirt into it 😛

As for Wyoming, we have a lot fewer pictures, because once you’ve seen it, it doesn’t change much. It’s kind of a rolling, flat hills kinda place, with some rock outcroppings every so often. It rained on us a bit too.


This picture came out a little darker than the others, but you can see to rocky plateaus in the distance on either side.


That’s about as exciting as it gets. Traveling on the road for 8 hours, stop for the night, then get up and do it all over again tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll have more interesting pictures of our journey.


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