Colorado Earthship Build: Day 22 (Windows and trex plate)

Oh the things I do for my fans. We had a big, but brief, storm last evening and the wifi went out here at the campsite so I got up extra early this morning to do my post about what we did yesterday.

We’ll start off with that glass stuff we kept mentioning the other day. Those who were here on the weekend were very busy.


Doesn’t that look snazzy? It’s really starting to look like a house now. Don’t worry about all of the rough finishes, those will all get covered up soon enough.

As you can see from that above picture, there were some large square areas that seem to be missing their windows. Well, right below them, still in their box, were the Velux openable windows that Kat and I helped to install first thing. There are four of them going across the front. Openable windows are a requirement to meet fire code for egress (i.e. escape routes). The Earthship Biotecture guys seem to like the Velux brand, but if you’re building your own, feel free to search for other (i.e cheaper) options.

Once those windows were in, Phil had us working on the nailing plate and insulation for the atrium. This was no easy task. This is what we started with.


You can see the insulation has been started around the exterior wall, but we needed two layers of it. Also, we needed to put the nailing plate on top, made of Trex. There are a lot of funky angles there, none of which were detailed in the drawings. So there was a lot of trial and error to find the correct angle to make the cuts at. I went through a lot of scrap wood, let me tell you.


You might also be wondering about those blocks of wood embedded in the concrete pour. That’s so we have something to screw the insulation to. It’s difficult putting screws into concrete.

Here is the other side that has part of its insulation already installed.


Oh another thing that was messed up? If you look at the section facing the camera that has the insulation on it already, that high wall was supposed to extend over top of the lower wall where they meet. We ended up having to drill several holes and put rebar pins in there so we can pour the corner pieces. We’ll need to build a form box as well, but we didn’t get to that. This was one of those days where the time seems to just run away from you. We didn’t event finish getting the first plate of Trex on there was so much fiddling and measuring, and remeasuring and so on.

I’m sure we’ll be back at it tomorrow (well, today actually).



Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

Here are some of the other things that went on around the build site.

A close up shot of one of the installed windows. Yes, this is double paned glass.


The arch over the west end is coming along very nicely.


Here is a progress shot of the interior can and bottle wall that will separate one of the bed rooms from the atrium. Lots of plumbing and electrical conduit going through the back ground walls too.


Heather, the bottle whisperer, has begun the bottle work beside those doors we installed last week. That’s going to look pretty nice when it’s done.


I’d just like to leave this post with this message.


I mean, just look at how awesome this person is, photo-bombing my attempt to take a picture.



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