Colorado Earthship Build: Day 20 (umm, no building)

Small post today, as we didn’t actually go to the build site, unfortunately. I ended up working until 2am last night on my employment job and then I had to get up at 06:30 to do some more. I was in no shape to work on an Earthship, which is disappointing because they put in the glass on the first floor today.

Kat went into town while I was working in the morning and visited the farmer’s market. She took some pictures too.


They have their farmer’s market in a very nice park.


Kat wandered about and bought some veggies and bread. She also brought back a treat.


That is a cinnamon bun, with raisins and pecans, fresh made this morning. It was quite tasty. I had wrapped up my morning work session by the time Kat returned and I was ready to crash at that point.

So I did. I went back to bed and Kat went back into town to check out the auto show that was going on. She took numerous pictures of that, but if you want to see them, you’ll need to go visit her blog.


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