Colorado Earthship Build: Day 14 (Second day off)

Not much exciting happened today.

We slept in. I made bacon and tomato sandwiches (on fresh whole wheat bread from the bakery) for brunch. We cleaned up in the tent and gathered our clothes for doing laundry later in the day.

We went into town to stock up on some more groceries (you do this often when all you have is a cooler for food storage). We also got to check out the downtown area of Salida a bit more than we did last weekend. Unfortunately, both Kat and left our cameras in the truck so we don’t have any new pictures of that. Hopefully we’ll remember them next time.

We came back to the campsite and headed over to the rec hall where we usually spend each evening doing our blog updating and other wifi related activities. This is also where the laundry facilities are so we ran two loads through the machines while we were futzing around on the computers.

Took a break at 17:00 for dinner where I put some nice grass fed organic beef burgers on the BBQ.


They were quite tasty. Quite a bit more than that burger I had yesterday at the diner. Especially when you put them on some rosemary garlic buns we purchased at the bakery earlier in the day.

Oh, we also went into that third organics store we found downtown today and found some interesting things there. It’s called the Sunshine Market and we managed to score some cod liver oil there (the kind we usually get back home: Carlson’s) and also some interesting chocolate items. One of which were these little guys.


Yeah, have you ever seen a white chocolate peanut butter cup? We hadn’t either so we got some to try it. I would say both of us were quite satisfied with them too.

So another day ends, this one not as exciting as the build days, but quite necessary in maintaining our sanity. We’ll be back at it tomorrow. I’m hoping to get off packout and see if I can’t get something else to do.


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