Colorado Earthship Build: Day 13 (Packout and very hot)

We woke up to a perfectly clear blue sky this morning. It wasn’t all that cool last night either, not like some other nights we’ve had here. This lead to the prediction that it was going to be bloody hot today and we were right.

We got up at the regular time, but we took our time having breakfast (I made french toast with some awesome sourdough we got from the bakery) and getting ready. Saturday is supposed to be a relaxed build day anyway. We left more or less at the regular time, but instead of going straight to the build site, we headed into town to wander through the farmer’s market. It’s only open from 8am until 12:30 on Saturdays so unless we take the time to go, we wouldn’t be going at all.

It wasn’t huge, but it was really nicely setup in a park in Salida. We bought some veggies and some fresh raspberries that were really sweet. We also snagged some eggs and fresh baked whole wheat bread which we dug into at lunch.

After that we headed back to the build site. Only about half the people where there. Some of the Earthship Biotecture crew members had gone home to Taos, NM so there was pretty much a skeleton crew. Kat and I were not feeling very into it today, so we just did some more packout in a shaded section. I took this picture of the view from where we were working out over the valley. You can see Kat in the corner on the left side, slapping mortar onto the wall.


By lunch it was getting stupidly hot. With no clouds to speak of, the sun was just beating down on us. We decided that we had had enough of that so Kat and I headed back to our campsite. Yeah, we skipped some work in the afternoon, but they quit early on Saturdays anyway and being out in that sun was not for us.

So, instead, we refreshed ourselves in the river that runs by our campsite. That would be the Arkansas river.


We didn’t actually swim in it as it has quite the current, but we did stick our feet in to cool off. Here is a picture of Kat wearing her sexy water shoes.


There was a nice little path from where our tents are located down to a calm spot on the side of the river where we were able to dip our feet in. Here is a picture of up stream.


And the corresponding shot of down stream.


There is also an old railroad track going behind the campsite that is no longer used. I did a bit of bush wacking and got myself up there. That was a pretty awesome spot to take the next picture. A full 360 degree panoramic showing the entire view. If you have multiple monitors, you should be able get a better view of it.


We didn’t stay too long at the river, as we hadn’t dowsed ourselves with sunscreen. So we just spent the afternoon relaxing (baking) in the tent. It was hot in the tent, it was hot outside of the tent, it was just plain hot. I checked the weather report and it said the high for today was 81F (27C), but with the full sun on you, it always feels hotter, especially with humidity. Our truck said it was 31C at 18:40, so you can imagine.

Anyway, we walked out to a small diner that is really close to the campsite. On our way there, you have to cross the river, so I took this picture of the sun shining on the water.


The diner was no hell. I ordered a bacon mushroom cheeseburger and I can’t say I’ve ever had a burger with so much stuff on it that was so tasteless. We probably won’t go back there.

We are planning to go back into town tomorrow and check out a few more of the stores in the downtown section.


2 thoughts on “Colorado Earthship Build: Day 13 (Packout and very hot)”

  1. very nice photography and Colorado is so bloomin lovely. I miss the days of hiking in the Rockies and more specifically the Garden of the Gods. I would love for it to be 81 degrees how can you say that was too hot well except that you’re not used to it I don’t think it ever get that hot in Canada. that said it was only 106 here yesterday…and we were thankful. Argh. have a splendid day off! Mums

    1. As I write this, current conditions back home are 83F (91F with the humidity). I don’t think we’ve ever had 106 regular temperature, but we certainly have when you add humidity. And humid hot is often worse than dry heat, as you can’t sweat as efficiently. Oh well. If it gets too hot, we go jump in a lake 🙂

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