Colorado Earthship Build: Day 7 (First day off)

Yes, today was our first day off since we started. It was very nice to have this day. We slept in and kept a relaxed pace.

We had to go into Salida for some groceries, so we took that opportunity to take some pictures of the town closest to the build site. As we approached the town, there was a great view of the mountains surrounded by clouds so Kat snapped a picture of that.


As you come into town on the main highway you are greeted with commercial central, which is pretty typical of most towns.


We have been searching for some good stores to buy decent food and we have been pretty lucky and found three so far, though we have only visited two. The first we found last week, but the second one Plough Boy we found today and it has a bakery attached to it. We got all sorts of fun stuff there like fresh baked garlic and rosemary sourdough, bacon burritos, organic meat and these things.


Kombucha. I’d never had it before, but we decided to give it a shot. I got the lemon ginger and Kat had the rose bud. I haven’t had a carbonated beverage in quite a few years so this was quite the adventure in belching, I must say. Also the lemon ginger was quite the zinger. It was interesting, but I don’t think I would do it again.

After our visit to Plough Boy we went to the old downtown area where there are a lot of fun shops. Here is what it looks like.


We could have spent a lot of time there, but I had to get back and do some more computer work (for my real job… it’s a long story). We do plan to go back and visit that section of town some more when we have more time. Especially the home made ice cream shop 🙂

So, we headed back to camp and decided to have some lunch. So, here’s the challenge: how do you cook frozen burritos on a barbeque? I came up with this genius idea.


I used our stove top toaster. I have to say, it worked really well too. They cooked up really nicely and with the salsa we bought, turned out just fine. Adventures in food, as it were.

Not much else to report today. I’m sure tomorrow will bring more build site excitement.


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