Colorado Earthship Build: Day 6 (Tires and concrete)

What did you do today? Did you relax? Did you do something fun? We went to the build site and did more work. Yeah, we’re doing six days a week, however we did finish an hour earlier today than we normally do.

However, not everyone decided to show up today so we were shuffled around a bit. Kat and I got moved to the east wing wall opposite the one we working on as none of the people who had been working there showed up. But that was okay because we got to work with the real deal today. Yup, for a little while we were pounding tires with Mike Reynolds himself. Rob was also there, a veteran Earthship Biotecture crew member.

Here is a picture of Rob on the left, me doing the shoveling and Mike standing right behind me.


Mike pausing while pounding a tire. He grunts a bit when he works on a tire, but if I was almost 70, I would grunt too.


Here is a further away shot that Kat took that shows Rob and I working on the extension coming off the wall. There will be a curving stairwell going up there, on top of the pad where the cistern is. That will eventually all be buried and a patio will be on top of the cistern.


Beside us, they were working on the details for the garage. Here is a view looking into the garage from the east side.


Kat climbed up behind the whole structure and took this picture, looking down into the garage. You can see the extensive use of rebar going through the forms for the bond beam and buttresses. I mentioned before that we were supposed to pour that earlier, but anything involving rebar needs to be inspected first, so there has been a lot of work to get all of the footings and bond beams and buttresses ready to show the inspector on Monday. Once that passes inspection, we’ll have a number of trucks arrive to pour all of that concrete at once.


Speaking of concrete, Kat and I got to play with some of that today too. We had to make a paddy to level out a the section we were working on. So we got out our rubber gloves and started forming and leveling. Here is a picture of me with the level on the concrete.


This next show shows the tire wall extension we were adding today. We added the three new courses on the left half of the picture, along with the concrete pour to link it up with the main wall and the packout concrete that you can see between the tires.


I climbed up to the top of the west wing wall where we were before and took this picture. You can see more of the rebar work and insulation that was put in for the front footings. You can also see on the extreme left of the picture the Water Organization Module (WoM) has been mounted in a cabinet against the back wall of the garage.


Same location, but looking more south.


On our way back to the campsite we stopped and took a long distance shot from the highway. You can see the excavation from the side of the hill in the center of the picture.


That’s it for build site pictures for today.

We did, however, have some interesting weather. It got really dark in the afternoon and there were one or two cases where we heard thunder. It did rain on us for a while, but nothing too heavy.


When we got back to our campsite, there was another storm going through the mountains south of us.


So, after a week of pounding tires and other types of heavy physical labour, you might think our bodies are a bit worse for wear. Well, you’d be correct.


Yeah, that’s my left hand. That white spot isn’t a blister. It’s dead skin that is ready to be pealed off.

I wasn’t the only one with marks.


Kat got this nice bruise and she doesn’t even remember how. It’s quite colourful though.

Kat also spotted this desert plant in full bloom as we were driving home, so we stopped so she could take a picture of it.


All in all, we had a good day. Time to relax tomorrow.


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