Colorado Earthship Build: Day 3 (Tire pounding, concrete work)

Gotta make this quick as the wifi here was out last night when I tried to make my post. Let’s start the day with a panoramic view south from the build site.


And here is how things began this morning. Keep an eye on that first tire wall to the left. It’s gonna be going through some changes.


This is where we were working today, at the junction of two walls. It was crucial to get this done as they want to pour the bond beam asap and there is a lot of concrete blocking to do at this location (and at the other end too; it’s symmetrical).


I was working on the dirt tires. I was pounding straight from the morning and most of the day. You get tired just pounding tires. On other days I got to switch up and dig dirt for a bit, but my helpers were not into pounding so that left it to me.


Here is another, closer shot of that main wall. You can see the orange painted rebar stakes in prep to have the can wall form to hold the bondbeam.


More concrete. With the junction, there are a lot of odd seems and this needs to be very stable as it will have a lot of weight on it so there is a lot of concrete pouring with rebar and lath and all that.


Here you can see they have started to wire in the rebar on top of the wall for the bond beam.


Oh yeah, when we got up this morning it was beautifully sunny, but that soon turned into “it’s too hot“. Well that all changed after lunch when it rained a few times. Then there was this one. Not sure how well you can see it, but it was hailing on us.


More tires added on top of that previous concrete pour at the junction.


Here you can see the can form wall for the bond beam with all of the rebar running through it. The bond beam will tie all of the walls together. Interestingly enough, this is the first of two bond beams going on this wall. They had to do extra due to the two floors.


End of the can wall form at our junction, more tires pounded and lath in place to receive more concrete.


Close up shot of the lath and rebar that will be filled with concrete at the end of the row, up against some foam insulation.


Part way through the concrete pour at our junction. It was at this point where I was reassigned to be a concrete hauler. I grabbed a wheel barrow and headed off to the mixing station where they have two mixers going constantly all day.


Putting final touches on the can wall form and you can see them working on the concrete pour at the other end, doing the same thing we were. Kris, the guy in the green shirt, marks the spot.


After all that frantic work, here is the result. Everything should be ready tomorrow to pour that beam.



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