Colorado Earthship Build: Day 2 (More tire pounding)

We up at 06:30 this morning and headed out at 07:30 for our 8am start time at the build site. Much like yesterday, we were working on tires again today. Here is what the build site looked like just shortly after we arrived.


I was working on the west wing wall again today. Here you can see a picture of me bent over, trying to level a tire.


If you look closely at the picture you can see there is a gap between the two tires I am trying to level. My foot is in that gap. I bet you’re wondering how we take care of things like that? Well, let me show you.


This is called a “squeezie”. When you have a gap like that, where the tires just won’t sit properly ontop of each other like bricks should, you essentially have to put in half a brick. That is what a squeezie is. It’s pretty convenient as all you’re really doing is pounding another tire, just a smaller one. In some cases, you may have a gap that is too small even for a squeezie. In those cases, you pour concrete. The areas where the cooling tubes went through the wall were spots like that.

Anyway, here is a shot of the squeezie all pounded with dirt.


Remember that picture I took yesterday down the garage section? Well, here is what it looked like at 15:20 today.


As you can see, the back wall has grown significantly. They’ve been working hard on getting the garage walls up so they can put the beams across and create a sheltered area where we can store building materials and have work areas for mixing concrete and the such.

Here is a picture of Kat standing guard over the area where we are working, making sure no one steals our last unused tire. You can also see some of the work myself, Kat and Russ (academy member from the same session I took, back in March 2014) have been working on.


This next picture shows what will be the doorway into the garage from the front/bottom floor. Kat helped to build the wooden door frame. There will be bottle walls going in the gaps between the concrete pillars beside the door and the can work.


We also had an almost serious incident at the build site as part of the dirt cliff behind it collapsed today. No one was hurt, but one of the girls had her legs buried in dirt. Here you can see the section that came down.


The sooner we can get the back wall up, the sooner we can back fill it and hopefully alleviate further incidents like that.

I’m sure we’ll be back tomorrow, working on the same spot. There are going to be something like nine courses, so we’ll probably be there for the rest of this week.


4 thoughts on “Colorado Earthship Build: Day 2 (More tire pounding)”

  1. Hey Dave and Kat-

    Just wanted to say I love reading your blog entries about your trip to Colorado and the way the build has been going! I especially enjoy all the little bits about the border crossing adventure, camping, your BBQ issues, even down to the food you’re eating… makes me feel like I’m there with you guys.

    Thanks also for posting the photos, of things like the ‘squeezie’- I’ve never seen that before, just used to seeing the concrete fills on places like that. And I’ve never seen a tire full of rocks before. Interesting.

    Anyway, I’m keeping up with what you two are up to, and really appreciate the time you’re taking to document this build. Thanks a lot, and see you back in Maynooth in mid August. Jonathan and I will be there with excitement… yes, excitement at even clearing land in prep for your build. Enjoy your time there. We’re looking forward to spending some time with you two.


  2. Glad all is ok with the landslide and all. Odd that, when I saw your first pictures of the site, the thought that something like that could happen crossed my mind. Argh.

    1. Yeah, I think a lot of us have commented about that. Once they get the house up, it will all be back filled, so that will eliminate the dirt cliff. However, that won’t stop a snow avalanche during the winter from further up the hill.

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