Colorado Earthship Build: Day -1 (Arrival)

Being that we stayed in Canon City last night, we weren’t too far from Salida. I think the sign said something like 53 miles (85km). The driving was much more… curvy, than it was through the plains 😛

Looking out the windows, we have the Arkansas river and the old railroad on the other side.


Looking forward out the windshield, you’d think the terrain was out of some western or fantasy movie, except there is a big paved road in the middle of it.


Anyway, we had some adventuring as we left the main highway for dirt roads in an attempt to find the build site. Our first attempt was unsuccessful as we ended up on a road that got progressively worse and worse and eventually there was a sign stating you need a lifted truck to go any further. We turned around at that point.

We made it back out to the highway, drove past the road into the build site, turned around and eventually found it. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures of the build site. But we did meet with Jeane, who is the woman from Earthship Biotecture who is doing all of the coordinating for this build.

After some conversation and such, we headed back out to find some food. Salida has all of its good stores hidden so we weren’t able to find anything right away for groceries. We ended up driving further north to Buena Vista and found a little organics shop there. We also ate the left over pizza we had from Fargo’s the day before for lunch.

We ended up not buying a whole lot from the organics store as we had a more serious problem we had to deal with: the cooler. We had just bought a brand new, larger sized cooler for this trip and it had been in the back of the truck. There was ice in it when we left, but we didn’t have much in it that would go bad, so we didn’t put any new ice in it until we got to Salida. That was a mistake.

As it happens, we had half a block of butter in that cooler. That butter proceeded to melt and cover everything else we had in said cooler. It was quite the mess. We tossed everything out that had been in there, including a recently opened bottle of ketchup. I hate wasting food, but I hate getting food poisoning more.

I am getting ahead of myself though.

After the trip up to Buena Vista, we headed back down and found our camp site. The place we are staying is more geared towards RVing and fifth-wheels, with a few tent sites in the back. However, we are currently the only tenters, so we had first choice of what was available and they are all right beside the river too, which is nice.

Here is shot of Kat setting up the interior of our tent (and doing a mighty fine job at it too).


Yes, that is a tent inside of a tent. There has been word that we may get some heavy rain and the more protection we have, the better. There aren’t a lot of trees around, so putting up a tarp over the tent is rather problematic. This was a much easier solution.

Here is a picture of our site, and you can see the river in the back ground as well.


Across the river, we have horses for NEEIIghbours 😛 (I am so bad)


Looking the other way, away from the river, we have, yet again, more mountains.


Speaking of rain, it wasn’t long after we got setup that we heard some thunder and watched as this came over the mountains.


Interestingly enough, we didn’t get rained on. It just keep moving to the east and skipped us all together. Bonus for us.

Anyway, after we got the tents up we actually went and checked in. You see, when we arrived at the campsite, the office was closed as the owners were out gallivanting in their new recreational vehicle. No worries, one of the regulars here showed us where to setup and by the time that was done, they had returned.

It always pays to ask the locals. The woman who was checking us in was able to tell us where the grocery store was in Salida so that made our lives easier when we went back into town to buy more food, which we did.

When we got back, I cleaned out the gruesome cooler, and filled it with all of the wonderful things to eat that we had purchased. It was a good feeling. Oh did I mention you can’t seem to get ice in blocks down here? I have checked in most of the stores we have been into in the states and it just doesn’t exist. That’s poo, because cubes melt way faster. That, however, may be the entire point so they can sell you more ice. Smeg heads, I say!

Anyway, after all that we were going to have some dinner. We had bought some nice organic sausages. I pulled the BBQ out of the back of the truck, found the 20lbs propane tank and then discovered that the connector hose wouldn’t connect to the tank. I found that both frustrating and odd because I had connected that same hose to one of our 30lbs tanks back home and ran the BBQ for its official breaking in. We’ll need to solve our propane problems tomorrow, as without it we have no way to cook anything. We ended up having sandwiches for dinner.

Here is a picture of Kat having the time of her life.


And here is a picture of me being way too serious.


Campsite, another angle.


Tomorrow, the building begins. We’ll be working six days a week, from 08:00 to 16:30. Should be awesome. I will leave you with this nice panoramic I took of the view across the river from our campsite.



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