Colorado Earthship Build: Day -2 (Almost there)

Once again, we’re were up early and on our way. The day was nice and sunny, and a little breezy when we left Kansas City. Most of Kansas looked something like this:


Similar to Illinois, field after field after field of corn and soy. Later in the day we saw some wheat thrown into the mix too. Hurray for variety 😛

We did come across a slightly different kind of farm a few times though.


Yup, a wind farm. They had large numbers of these gargantuan babies all turning away. Here is a closer picture.


It was kinda funny, because before we came upon the wind farms I had commented to Kat that this would be an excellent place for a wind farm because it was so damn windy. How windy? Well going through Kansas, which is a bit rolly to begin with but levels out more as you go through it, I tried using the cruise control on the truck and as soon as we hit any slight uphill at all, the added wind resistance would push the truck into passing gear. So no cruise control for most of the day.

Speaking of driving, have you seen what they’re using for a speed limit down here?


Yeah, 75 mph or 120 kph. I wish they would do this back home. The only drawback to it is driving at that speed, into the wind on a crappy road. And believe me, they have numerous parts that are crappy. When the truck starts bouncing and you feel like it’s a horse doing a gallop, this is not a good indication of a “smooth ride”. It’s also not a good indication of fuel efficiency, however I have noticed that gas down here in the US is pretty cheap. To fill up the truck with a quarter still in the tank has cost us roughly $50US. At current conversion rates, that works out to about $65CAN. Back home we were filling up for $80+CAN.

Anyway, we drove through Kansas and it took way longer than I thought it would. It’s a pretty wide space. No wonder they have a 75mph speed limit: you need it just to get anywhere 😛

Oh, did I mention it was getting hotter and hotter as we drove? According to the truck, we hit a balmy 36C (97F). I’m sure there was a bunch of humidity in there too. With that wind I mentioned earlier it made it quite ugly when we stepped out of the truck and it’s lovely air conditioning. Good thing we had that fixed before we left.

We did eventually make it to Colorado.


Hmmm, okay. We’re now in that state that is famous for its rocky mountains. Let’s take a look outside to see if anything has changed.


Nope. Still more wide open plains, but fewer soy and corn farms, especially once we got off the I70. We did that in a town called Limon and jumped on Hwn 24 going south towards Colorado springs. It’s a small, two lane highway for the most part. Looks something like this.


Lots of huge empty fields too, though some had a few cattle or horses in them.


We made our way along and the smaller road was a nice change of pace. Eventually, we saw our first hint of the mountains.


We drove a bit further and they got bigger.


Eventually we made it to Colorado Springs around 16:00 and then the mountains looked more like this.


Snazzy eh? We stopped in Colorado Springs at a pizza place called Fargo’s that Kat remembered from her childhood. It was still there and still serving pizza.

After finishing up there, we hopped back in the truck and followed Hwn 115 down to Hwy 50 and on to Cañon City. We went to three motels before we found one with some room, but here we are now.

Tomorrow we’ll check in at our campsite that will be home for the next month, get ourselves setup, buy some food supplies and maybe even go check out the build site. I’m sure it will all be very exciting.


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